10 Of The Best Baby Shower Planning Tips In Australia In 2024

10 Of The Best Baby Shower Planning Tips In Australia In 2023


Planning the perfect baby shower requires a few elements done well. It's an important occasion to celebrate your new baby with your nearest and dearest, so you'll want it to be an event that caters by way of fun, great food and incredible photos.

So what does it take to pull off the ultimate baby shower? Well, there are a few things you need to consider. The great news if that you don't need a lot of money or know-how, but you do need inspiration - and imagination - and you'll be sure to have the best baby shower of all time!

Where to start when planning your baby shower

To pull off the ultimate baby shower, the very first thing you need to decide on is the theme. Once you've landed on your theme, everything else will become easier to plan and decide on. Your baby shower theme will set the tone for the entire event, even helping to navigate things like colour scheme and what kind of food to serve.

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Sicilian feast:

Think lemons, antipasto platters, lots of bright colours and of course – amazing food, and lots of it! We want fresh cut lemons, beautiful hues of blue and red and a Mediterranean-style vibe, with proscuitto, grilled prawns, soft cheeses and lots of fruit!

Nautical baby shower:

Ahoy sailor! Blue and white all round! Think gorgeous anchors, ocean-themed decor and everything in between! Check Etsy for some beautiful nautical decor inspiration.

Tropicana baby shower:

Flamingoes and pineapples and fruits – oh my! This is all about big, bright colour, even sparkle and glitter and fun all around! You want big balloons, hues of pink and blue and yellow and maybe even a cocktail stand with lots of watermelon and pineapple and lychees!

Safari baby shower:

Things are about to get wild! Lions, tigers and zebras are wonderful animals to decorate your space! Child-friendly but chic all at the same time. Why not splurge on a few safari-themed cookies? Or beautiful cupcakes with animal faces. Roaringly good fun!

Boho baby shower:

Dried flowers, arbors, hessian table runners, earth-coloured decor ands sustainable treats are just the start! Why not gather up some vintage doilies, or mismatched plates and create a cosy, inviting set-up. A pop-up picnic makes for a perfect boho baby shower set up.

A High Tea:

Finger sandwiches on elaborate plates and fine china! Mini quiches and cupcakes galore, everyone loves high tea! Especially when you have a wide range of exotic and herbal teas to serve. Pull out the traditional teapot and cups and saucers and serve your guests a range of beautiful teas.

Garden party:

A summer party in the garden with flowers galore! Who would want more? Maybe you can create floral headpieces as a group, or sip on some Pimms in the sun. Why not serve a buffet of mini quiches and sweet treats, or a grazing board filled to the brim with cheeses, fresh fruit and macaroons?

1. Big, statement balloons

1  Big Statement Balloons


When you're looking for a way to pack a punch when it comes to decoration, big statement balloons are the shortcut you need. Simply decide on your theme and then pick out key shades and ask your supplier to create whatever you think will work with your space. A frame of balloons surrounding the cake table perhaps? What about a balloon arbor? How about a full balloon wall? Balloons at a baby shower are certainly a cost effective way to make a big statement. If you know the gender, you can go for pinks and blues, if you don't, you can opt for gender neutral shades like the ones pictured.

You may also opt to have 'baby (insert last name)' in balloons, or a play on the word 'baby'. 'Oh Baby' and 'Hey Baby' are popular options. They also make a fabulous backdrop for photos.

2. The ultimate grazing table

2  The Ultimate Grazing Table


A new(ish) trend when it comes to baby showers in Australia is offering a grazing table for the adults to peruse. It may be a baby shower, but adults want some delicious adult food, too. That's why grazing tables are so popular for baby showers and parties alike! There are incredible companies that can come and set these up for you (@nibbleandgraze are one of our faves!), or you can always create one yourself by purchasing the individual ingredients and setting it all up beautifully on the table.

Cured meats and cheeses are popular ingredients for a grazing table, but some people love to add fresh seafood, finger sandwiches to make it a little more 'High Tea' - and even a dessert element.

3. Unique baby shower games

3  Unique Baby Shower Games


Any good baby shower hinges on the perfect party games - everyone knows that! A new trend in the baby shower games world is printables. That is, games where each attendee receives a print out and has to complete a task. Here are a few examples:

Baby shower game 1: scavenger hunt

Each attendee receives a list of items that are worth a certain amount of points, you have to search through your bag and see how many you can find, then reward yourself the appropriate number of points. Whoever has the most points, wins!

Baby shower game 2: mummy or daddy?

A list of tasks relating to caring for a baby is given to each guest. Each guest has to determine which parent is most likely to own each task. The parents would have pre-determined which tasks each are likely to do, so the guests' answers can be marked accurately!

Baby shower game 3: the price is right

A list of common baby items is given to each guest, and just like in the game show, guests have to guess how much each item retails for. Whoever gets closest to the highest number of items, wins!

Baby shower game 4: (our personal favourite) measure the belly!

Each guest is given a long piece of string, and they have to guess how big the mum-to-be's belly is at that current moment. Guests loop the string around their own waists and trim it when they are satisfied with the circumference. Whoever gets the closest to mum's belly size, wins!

4. Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

4  Flowers Flowers Everywhere


Flowers are an incredible way to jazz up any event space. Decorating an arbor, or a table, just like with the statement balloons, is easy with the right blooms.

A new trend when it comes to flowers is using faux flowers to decorate. They're great as they can be styled way ahead of time without fear of them wilting or shedding - and the faux flowers you can get now are of such a good quality, no-one would even know they weren't real. The Faux Fernery is a fantastic vendor for faux flowers - check them out!

5. Do a dessert platter!

5  Do A Dessert Platter


A dessert platter is one of the most stunning new trends when it comes to organising the perfect baby shower. Draw on what you've learned when creating a traditional grazing table - but replace all of the savoury elements with your favourite sweet treats! Think chocolate shavings, marshmallows, mini tarts, doughnuts, nougat pieces, brownie chunks, macarons, eclairs, cannolis and more!

6. Try a pop-up picnic

6  Try A Pop Up Picnic


Thinking about what kind of vibe you want for your baby shower? Don't look past a pop-up picnic! These companies specialise in creating a chic picnic-style space anywhere you choose! You just tell them when and where and what your vibe is and they bring (and set up - and pack down) the rest!

This style of baby shower set-up is perfect for a boho or garden themed baby shower. Think big fluffy pillows, luxurious table runners, big, roomy rugs and gorgeous platters, teamed with jugs of fruity cocktails - or mocktails!

7. Personalised cookies

7  Personalised Cookies


Decor and a party favour-in-one? Uh, yes please! Personalised cookies are all the rage right now - and it's because the designs are beyond cute! Whether you know the gender or are having a surprise, personalised cookies are the ultimate way to add some colour - and sweetness, pardon the pun - to your table, as well as providing a beautiful take-home treat for your guests!

8. Think 'small' with your decor

8  Think Small With Your Decor


If you're looking for something unique - or even personalised - to add to your baby shower decor, Etsy is a fantastic place to search. There you'll find lots of small business owners looking to create bespoke pieces just for you, without the sky high price tag! Think personalised signs, drink tags, even cake toppers and baby shower game sheets!

9. Seek the unique

9  Seek The Unique


How about a cheesecake with a difference? If you've got a savoury rather than sweet-tooth, maybe this literal 'cheese cake' is for you. Topped with everything you'd find on an antipasto board, this is the kind of unique treat that'll have your guests gawking and 'gramming up a storm all day!

10. Create the perfect baby shower gift registry

10  Create The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Registry


Creating a baby gift registry can be a daunting task, because how do you really know what you'll need until your baby gets here? It can be tricky - that's for sure - which is why we've created a list of the Top 100 essentials for your baby shower gift registry.

You're sure to find a great list of items you'd never even thought you'd need, but probably will! We can pretty much guarantee it, as this list was collated by a group of mums with multiple children, and only the most useful, most integral products made this list.

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