10 of the Best Kiddie and Inflatable Pools in Australia in 2024


Is there anything that screams ‘Aussie Summer’ more than an inflatable pool? Absolutely not. It's a quintessential feature in Australian backyards, and you know Mum is bringing out the fun vibes when she sets up the blow-up pool. Unlike the cumbersome eyesores of the past, inflatable pools have undergone a remarkable transformation. Now, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to size, style, and aesthetics. There's an inflatable pool to suit everyone, from paddling pools for the little ones to spacious inflatable pools that can accommodate the whole family. The only challenge you'll face is picking from the myriad of stunning designs available.

What to look for in an inflatable pool:

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Safety First:

It's imperative when purchasing an inflatable pool that you ensure you use it as per the safety instructions. Never leave children unattended in any body of water, including inflatable pools. Additionally, ensure there is adequate sun protection whenever you use an inflatable pool to keep everyone safe from harmful UV rays.

Portability and Convenience:

It's always an advantage to purchase an inflatable pool that you can move around from the beach, to the park and in your backyard. Adds to the inflatable pool's versatility and fun factor.

Quality Materials Matter:

Inflatable pools made from quality materials will ensure the longevity of your pool, and help it to withstand harsh conditions and trampling from young kids. Always read customer reviews before purchasing to ensure you're getting the facts on the durability of the inflatable pool.

Easy to clean:

Some inflatable pools come equipped with their own filters. In other cases, you can use a net to clean the water to help prolong the life of your inflatable pool. Easy maintenance for your inflatable pool contributes to a more enjoyable experience.

1. &Sunday Lines Arch Pool- Sage, $179.95

&SUNDAY inflatable pool

What makes the &Sunday Lines Arch Inflatable Pool different?

Want an inflatable pool for the kids, but still want it to blend in with your aesthetic? This stunning arch-shaped pool from &Sunday in the tranquil colour sage will transform your outdoor space into a stylish retreat.

Why choose the Lines Arch Pool in Sage from &Sunday?

It’s roomy, easy to set up, and durable too! The Lines Arch Pool from &Sunday the perfect choice for those seeking both style and somewhere for the kiddies to splash the summer days away.


  • 160CM X 180CM X 38CM H (perfect for two adults or a bunch of kids)

  • Extra Thick durable PVC

  • Nontoxic Phthalate Free PVC

  • Large Double Action Valve for quick inflatable and deflation

  • Silk printed

  • Water Plug

  • Suitable for 3 years +

  • Repair kit included

  • &SUNDAY original design

  • Designed in New Zealand


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2. Kmart Bestway Inflatable Blue Rectangular Pool, $29.00

Kmart inflatable pool

What makes the Kmart Bestway Inflatable Blue Rectangular Pool different?

When it comes to affordable family summer fun experiences, this inflatable pool from Kmart is hard to beat. It’s the perfect addition to your backyard – no matter how big - for endless water play with the kiddies.

Why choose the Kmart Bestway Inflatable Blue Rectangular Pool?

This pool from Kmart offers an unbeatable combination of affordability and durability. It’s also super quick to set up which is a win on those hot summer days!


  • Two interlocking quick-release valves

  • Textured pattern on sidewalls

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Rectangular shaped

  • Inflatable

3. Pool Buoy Lucky Lorenzo Pool, $149.00

pool buoy inflatable pool

What makes the Pool Buoy Lucky Lorenzo Inflatable Pool different?

This cuuutteee inflatable pool stands out from the crowd with its charming gingham pattern that instantly evokes a sense of nostalgia and summer fun. It’s an Instagram-worthy backdrop for all those warm-weather gatherings with your friends that’ll keep the kiddies entertained for hours!

Why choose the Pool Buoy Lucky Lorenzo Pool?

Free from nasties like PBA, Lead, and Phthalates, this blow-up pool is a smart choice. It’s easy to set up and made from extra thick and durable PVC, which means no blow-outs!

5 stars

"I am obsessed in my pool ! Amazing quality and it looks so pretty in my garden ❤️" - Karen


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4. SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Backyard Pool, Shark Tribe Khaki, $89.99

sunnylife inflatable pool

What makes the SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Backyard Pool in Shark Tribe Khaki different?

This very cool inflatable pool from SUNNYLiFE (see what I did there?!) will keep your kids entertained for hours. With its own shark tail, you can imagine the games they’ll come up with and play. Sunnylife are known for their quality, so you can trust this blow-up pool won’t blow-out and ruin all the fun.

Why Choose the SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Backyard Pool in Shark Tribe Khaki?

This SUNNYLiFE inflatable pool is perfect size for your little ones to sit and splash around, and looks fab in your backyard – no harsh primary colours here!


  • Approx water capacity: 270L/ 71GAL.

  • Soft inflatable floor for extra comfort.

  • Great size for backyard family fun.

  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up.

  • Includes repair patch in case of punctures.

  • Made from durable, non-toxic Phthalate free PVC.

  • Our floats and inflatables carry important safety labels that may not be shown in all photography.

Kiddy Pool

"We absolutely love this kiddy pool! It's perfect for my 14 month old! Extremely easy to set up and it's durable. Perfect for the beach, park, or the backyard!" - Heidi H


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5. Big W Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool, $79.00

big w inflatable pool

What makes the Big W Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool different?

The inflatable pool from Big W is a game-changer, get out kiddos – this one is for mumma! What sets it apart is its innovative design featuring built-in seats and a comfortable backrest, transforming your pool experience into a relaxing lounge session – yes please!

Why choose the Big W Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool?

With its integrated seating area and spacious layout, it's the perfect space for both adults and kids to cool off on those hot days. Whether you want to lounge in style, watch the kids play, or simply soak up the sun, this blow-up pool has it all.


  • Inflated Dimension: 90" L x 90" W x 26" H (2.29m x 2.29m x 66cm)

  • 13ga (0.32mm) vinyl

  • 4 built-in seats with backrests for lounging or supervising children

  • 2 drink holders

  • Capacity 14" (36cm) of wall height: 262 gal (990L)

  • Drain plug included

  • Repair patch included

"Great size for all the family, love the seats so you can just sit back and chill with a drink. Cup holders comes in handy for your drink, if you want to dunk under to get totally cooled down. Kid's have been in it everyday." - DragonWolf39

6. Unicorn Inflatable Aquatic Play Centre, $169.95

Unicorn Inflatable pool

What makes the Unicorn Inflatable Aquatic Play Centre different?

If you really want to keep the kids entertained for ages, this is the inflatable pool for you. A fantastical water wonderland designed to spark imagination and adventure in littlies. From its built-in water slide to the playful sprinkler features, it offers endless aquatic fun in a setting that's both enchanting and entertaining.

Why choose the Unicorn Inflatable Aquatic Play Centre?

It's equipped with safety features and durable materials to ensure hours of fun without the worry for you. Setting it up is a breeze, and when the sun sets on a day of water play, you can easily deflate and store it for the next magical adventure. You’ll be Mum of The Year with this one!


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7. The Playtime Store, Stand Out Inflatable Pool, $110.00


What makes The Playtime Store Stand Out Inflatable Pool different?

This must be one of the cutest inflatable pools we’ve ever seen! The gorgeous soft marbled colours instantly say ‘summer memories’ and it would look oh-so-cute in the most stylish of backyards.

Why choose the Playtime Store Stand Out Inflatable Pool?

Designed and made in New Zealand, it is BPA, lead and phthalate free, so you can trust it’s perfect for your little ones. It comes with a repair kit in case of punctures and all you need to do is blow it up, add water and it’s ready for hours of fun in the sun!


  • Dimensions 120 x 30cm

  • No nasties - BPA, lead and phthalate free

  • Includes repair kit incase of punctures

  • Heavyweight durable soft-touch vinyl


"The pool is a great size, perfect for paddling or using as a ball pit! I love the neutral colour too :)" - Laura F

8. Bestway Inflatable Basketball Play Pool, $39.00

Bestway Inflatable Basketball Play Pool

What makes the Bestway Inflatable Basketball Play Pool different?

The Bestway Inflatable Basketball Play Pool offers a unique and interactive twist to traditional inflatable pools and is perfect for kids who aren’t just going to sit there and splash around. What sets it apart is its exciting basketball hoop and ball set, turning your pool into a mini water basketball court. Boom.

Why choose the Bestway Inflatable Basketball Play Pool?

It’s super affordable, durable and whether you're practicing your shots, playing a friendly game, or simply enjoying a refreshing dip, this pool adds a whole new dimension of fun to your summer.


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9. Sunnylife, Kiddy Pool, Mima the Fairy Lemon Lilac, $79.99

sunnylife inflatable pool

What makes the SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Kiddy Pool different?

Look, I’d buy this SUNNYLiFE inflatable pool just because it’s so damn cute! But it is the perfect blow-up pool for little ones who want to sit and splash around safely. Set it up in your backyard for some fun water play or take it with you to the beach to keep your babe occupied while you catch some rays (slip, slop, slap, of course).

Why choose the SUNNYLiFE Kiddy Pool?

The sunshade is a unique feature that’ll give your child some shade while they splash and play. And measuring in at 1.2m, it’s the perfect size to pack and take with you to the beach or a mate’s place.


  • Approx. water capacity: 31L/ 8GAL.

  • Designed with a sunshade to keep children out of the heat and sun.

  • Soft inflatable padded floor for extra comfort.

  • Drain plug for easy water release.

  • Includes repair patch in case of punctures.

  • Made from durable, non-toxic phthalate-free PVC.

  • Our floats and inflatables carry important safety labels that may not be shown in all photography.

Kiddy pool

"Excellent product, perfect for long sunny days, children will love." - Claire W

10. BCF Intex Fun 'N Fruity Inflatable Play Centre, $129.99

BCF INtex inflatable pool

What makes the Intex Fun 'n Fruity Inflatable Play Centre different?

With multiple interactive features, this inflatable pool from Intex is fun with a capital F! A pool to splash around in, a slide to go up and down 100 times, and if you attach your garden hose to the sprinkler, you’ve got yourself a mini waterpark in your own backyard.

Why choose the Intex Fun 'n Fruity Inflatable Play Centre?

The control valve lets you adjust the water flow, so you can get it going full-blast or just a light sprinkle. We give this one bonus points for the fact it’ll pair perfectly with your fave fruity summer cocktail too!


  • Approx inflated dimensions: L244 x W191 x H91cm

  • Maximum weight limit: 81kg

  • Two pools in one: small pool and larger pool

  • Includes water slide, inflatable pineapple, orange, strawberry and 6 balls to fit the wall

  • Includes control valve to adjust water flow

  • Landing mat for comfy extra padding

  • Drain plug for easy draining

  • Includes repair patch for any quick fixes

  • Small pool equipped with overflow drain hole to fill to no more than 11 cm water height for younger children

  • Use only under adult supervision


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