10 of the Best Kid's Floaties and Swim Vests in Australia in 2024

sunnylife swim vest

Learning to swim is a fundamental skill for every Aussie child, marking the beinning of countless adventures in and around water. But those early years around water can be filled with both excitement and anxiety. To ease the journey, we've scoured the Australian market to find 10 of the best kid's floaties and swim vests that have your child's back, quite literally.

From inflatable armbands and back floats to swimming vests and all-in-one suits, there's an array of options designed to cater to your child's age and swimming ability. Among these, the newborn swim vest emerges as a standout for the youngest water enthusiasts, offering an extra layer of support and security for those initial water-bound encounters.

It's essential to remember that while these floaties provide support, constant adult supervision around water is paramount to ensure safety at all times.

Choosing the Best Swim Vest or Floaties for Your Child: A Guide

Meeting Australian Standards: First and foremost, ensure that the floatie or swim vest you choose meets Australian Standard AS1900 for flotation aids. Compliance with this standard is your assurance that the product is designed with the utmost safety and support in mind, providing a secure environment for your child to enjoy the water.

Secure Fit: A snug and secure fit is non-negotiable. The ideal flotation device should fit closely, preventing your child from slipping out or removing it without assistance. This ensures maximum safety and peace of mind during water activities.

Buoyancy Matching Weight and Ability: Consider the buoyancy the floatation device provides in relation to your child's weight and swimming ability. The right level of buoyancy offers the necessary support without hindering their ability to learn and practice swimming strokes. It's about finding the perfect balance to foster confidence and progress in the water.

Newborn swim vests are engineered to cater to the tiniest swimmers, ensuring they're not left out of the fun and learning. With a focus on safety, comfort, and the right fit, these vests are an invaluable tool for introducing your newborn to the joys of swimming, under the watchful eye and constant supervision of an adult, of course.

1. Zoggs Sea Queen Water Wings Float Suit, $65.00

zoggs sea wings

What makes the Zoggs Sea Queen Water Wings Float Suit Different?

This ain’t no regular floatie, Zoggs Sea Queen Water Wings an all-in-one floatation solution that your child can’t easily slip off! It combines a swimsuit and floatation aids and it’s innovative and integrated water wings design ensures stability and buoyancy for kids, allowing them to explore the water with ease and confidence.

Why choose the Zoggs Sea Queen Water Wings Float Suit?

This floatie for the pool offers a comfortable and secure fit, giving kids the freedom to have fun in the water. It’s sun protection and buoyancy in one clever package which means you’ll be awarded Mum of the Year. It’s available in sizes to fit one- to five-year-olds and there’ll be no fights about floaties because they won’t even know they’ve got them on.


  • Removable buoyancy pads for adjustable buoyancy in the water - helps develop confidence in the water

  • Zip back with velcro tab to keep zip secure

  • Excellent sun protection with UPF 50+ sun protection

  • Available in 1 - 2 yrs (11-15kg), 2-3yrs (15-18kg) & 4-5yrs (18-25kg)

  • Hand wash in cold water only. Line dry. Do not iron, put in the dryer or dry clean

  • 84% Polyester 16% Elastane

2. Lala Luna Water Wings, $59.95

lala luna wings floaties

What makes Lala Luna Water Wings Different?

Lala Luna Water Wings are the floaties where safety meets style, look as an adult I’d happily rock these they’re so cute! Water wings are a combination life jacket, swim aid and swim vest ideal for 18-month-olds to five-year-olds. 

Why choose  Lala Luna Water Wings?

Lala Luna Wings floaties have an adjustable child proof safety buckle that allows for growth and ensures a secure and comfy fit. UV resistant shoulder straps for added sun protection and have double stitching on arm floats to ensure strength and durability.

Real customer reviews:

"Beautiful design, and they work so well! I’m glad we made the purchase." - Toni

3. SUNNYLiFE Swim Vest 3-6, $69.99


What makes the SUNNYLiFE Swim Vest Different?

Neon pink and a mermaid tail – what little girl wouldn’t love this super cute floatie? No more arguments to put their floaties for the pool on, they’ll be begging you to wear the SUNNYLiFE Swim Vest.

Why choose the SUNNYLiFE Swim Vest?

The SUNNYLiFE Swim Vest offers a snug and secure fit, with a front zipper to ensure it fits your little one perfectly. Made from high-quality neoprene, it will help your child develop their swimming ability and confidence.


  • Max. weight 30kg/66lbs.

  • Made from durable neoprene for buoyancy and warmth.

  • Centre front zip with velcro tab for secure hold.

  • 3D element on the back for imaginative play.

  • Develops swimming abilities while also building confidence in young swimmers.

Real customer reviews:

"This is one of my favourite brands for summer. High quality and stylish products." - Linda


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4. Speedo Float Vest, $59.99

speedo swim vest

What makes the Speedo Float Vest Different?

The Speedo Float Vest has been designed to give learners a new sense of independence and the buoyancy they need to start kicking and using their arms. Their bright colours mean you won’t lose sight of them and it’s zip-up front helps keep little swimmers secure as they’re splashing around.

Why choose the Speedo Float Vest?

With easy-peasy adjustments and the Speedo seal of approval, this vest is a smart choice. There are three different sizes for kids one- to six-years-old.


  • A Swim Vest with foam inserts for buoyancy

  • Manufactured to Australian and European safety standards

  • Composition TPU

Real customer reviews:

"Love the bright colour and tiger print, my son is happy to put it on and it really helps his confidence." - Laura

5. Wahu Swim Vest, $49.95

Wahu swim vest

What makes the Wahu Swim Vest Different?

The Wahu Swim Vests are the perfect floatie for little kids who love being in and around water. They’re lightweight and fully adjustable and come in three different sizes to fit two- to six-year-olds.

Why Choose the Wahu Swim Vest?

Wahu's ergonomic design fully complies with Australian Standard AS1900 for flotation aids and allows for unrestricted movement of your kids’ arms and legs as they learn to swim.


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Real customer reviews:

"They fit perfectly , so safe to use , wonderful colours and children felt comfortable using them , thank you so much for providing a wonderful swimming vest for kids." - Kathy

6. Heccei Mambobaby Arm Float, $73.00

mambobaby pool float

What makes the Heccei Mambobaby Arm Float Different?

These aren't your average arm floaties for the pool; they're like the superheroes of water safety for your little swimmer. The vibrant and cute design of the Heccei Mambobaby Arm Float is all about making a splash – with sharks, turtles, and more. These arm floats are as easy to put on and they'll keep your child afloat and confident in the water.

Why Choose the Heccei Mambobaby Arm Float?

Suitable for kids three- to eight-years-old, the Heccei Mambobaby Arm Float has both chest and arm support, with easy to slip on arm rings. It’s easy to adjust and made from high-quality, environmentally friendly PearlFoam. This premium latex material is moisture-proof, very breathable, and lightweight with superior buoyancy.

Real customer reviews:

"This is an absolute lifesaver. It's the first arm float that stays put on my slender 3 year old and she's comfortable enough to not try to get out of it!! I'll be ordering 2 more for my other toddlers!!" - Laura


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7. Zoggs Zoggy Backfloat, $30.00

zoggs backfloat

What makes the Zoggs Zoggy Backfloat Different?

This back float from Zoggs is for the bigger kids who just need a little help in the water. With adjustable layers, it grows with your child, teaching them to swim like a pro, step-by-step. Remove a layer at a time as confidence increases and they’ll be swimming on their own in no time!

Why Choose the Zoggs Zoggy Backfloat?

If you want your child to build their swim skills, the Zoggs Zoggy Backfloat is the floatie for you. It's designed for comfort, safety, and adaptability, ensuring your child can conquer the water at their own pace. It features a strap with double action safety buckle, so they can’t take it off no matter how hard they try.


  • Removable 1 layer at a time as confidence increases

  • Double action safety buckle so little ones cannot unbuckle themselves

  • Supports body position

  • Independent arm and leg movement

  • Heavy duty EVA foam

  • Conforms to Australian standard AS1900-2001

  • Maximum user weight: up to 25kg

  • Suitable Ages: 2-6 years

Real customer reviews:

"By being around her waist, she has the confidence of swimming freely yet aided, and independently. We had removed one of the floats after the first usage - on her command, not mine, and she's fine with 3 floats. I think it won't be long until we are removing more as she is so happy using this, and my arms are free to swim with her instead. It's WIN WIN!" - JJ

8. SUNNYLiFE Buddy Float Bands, $19.95

Sunnylife BUDDY Armbands

What makes the SUNNYLiFE Buddy Float Bands Different?

Sick of fighting with your kids to put their floaties on? The SUNNYLiFE Buddy Float Bands are the floaties for you! They're super easy to put on, making pool time a breeze and turning your kid into a little sea creature for hours of water fun!

Why choose the SUNNYLiFE Buddy Float Bands?

They might be the cutest swimming accessory around. The SUNNYLiFE Buddy Float Bands are easy to blow up and carry around in your bag meaning you’ll always be ready for fun in the sun!


  • Max. weight: 30kg/ 66lbs.

  • Comfortable design for freedom to swim and play.

  • Made from durable, non-toxic Phthalate free PVC.


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9. Kmart Zoggs Armbands, $10.00

zoggs armbands

What makes the Zoggs Armbands Different?

Zoggs Armbands are the OG floatie and are the epitome of simplicity and functionality. They’re inflatable, making them easy to pack and carry to the pool or beach and straightforward so you can get them on quickly when your kid’s busting to jump in!

Why choose Zoggs Armbands?

These floaties for the pool from Zoggs are the practical and budget-friendly choice for parents seeking a reliable water safety solution for their kids. They provide essential buoyancy to help children learn to swim and build up their confidence (and peace of mind for you too).


  • Made from durable vinyl which is not easily torn or punctured

  • Dual air chambers for added safety

  • Easy inflate valves

Real customer reviews:

"Easy to inflate and deflate once you get the right technique. My toddler loves swimming around in them and they really help his confidence in the pool." - Michelle

10. CottonOn Kids Swim Vest, $54.99

CottonOn Kids Swim Vest

CottonOn Kids Swim Vest Different?

The Kids Swim Vest from CottonOn is perfect for helping them learn to swim with their arms and legs free to move. Both functional and fun, this kids float vest comes in bright, vibrant colours and prints, perfect for getting them excited for swim days!

Why choose the CottonOn Kids Swim Vest?

With a front zipper and adjustable anti-rise safety strap between their legs, your kids will feel supported in the water with the CottonOn Swim Vest on. Oh and two of the designs have the cutest frill detail on the sleeves too!


  • Learn to swim without the restriction of armbands

  • Full length zipper at the front

  • Adjustable anti-rise safety strap between legs

  • 100% Polyester.


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Real customer reviews:

"Great product. I purchased the medium which is equivalent to a size 5-6. Fits really well and nice bright colour." - Tracey


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