4 Changes That Can Happen to Your Skin During Pregnancy: and How to Care For Them

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Embarking on the journey of pregnancy is an extraordinary experience, marked by a myriad of changes within the body. Among these transformations, are the changes that can happen to your skin! From the search for the missing ‘radiant glow’ everyone talks about during pregnancy, to the emergence of unexpected stretch marks and discolorations, surprising sensitivity - and even breakouts - the skin undergoes a remarkable evolution during this transformative time.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of skin changes in pregnancy, exploring the reasons behind them, and practical tips for managing and caring for them, so that you can get back to feeling more like you again!

Here are four of the most common skin changes during pregnancy, and how to care for them:

Potential pregnancy skin change #1: Spots + breakouts:

With pregnancy, comes a surge of new hormones as your body begins figuring out how to effectively house and grow a baby! Guess what usually comes with a surge of hormones? Yep - breakouts! If you’re finding that your glands are producing more sebum due to this surge of hormones - you’re certainly not alone. It’s this over production of sebum that can block or clog your pores, which inevitably leads to breakouts.

This may be a good time to switch up your skincare! Switching to products designed for oily skin may mean your skin can maintain its balance, and just because your skin is normally dry, doesn’t mean it can’t completely change during pregnancy. 

We recommend:

Skin Juice FACIAL IN A JAR, as it’s a facial treat bursting with exfoliating berry fruit acids and juicy nutrients to help brighten, boost and hydrate the skin. Just like an express facial, in a jar. The exfoliating acids work to rid your skin of pore-clogging excess sebum and surface debris like dead skin cells, balancing your skin to a normal ratio of oily and dry - and helping to balance your skin's production of oil.

Potential pregnancy skin change #2: Sensitivity

Increased sensitivity of the skin during pregnancy is incredibly normal. This is usually due to extra stimulation from additional blood supply, an increase in the hormone levels we mentioned above, or an elevated body temperature - which is so common! It can also be a combination of all three!

If you’re noticing extra sensitivity in your skin, it’s best not to switch up your skincare routine too much, unless it’s to something designed to be calming - or suitable for sensitive skin. It’s also a good idea to do a patch test on your arm before applying it to your face.

We recommend:

Skin Juice SMUDGE BUDGE! Made with all natural ingredients such as tomato, mango butter, sweet fennel and sunflower oil, Smudge Budge Calming Cleansing Balm is designed to melt onto your skin, gently and effectively removing dirt and make-up from your skin, while nourishing your skin, instead of stripping it of essential oils.

Potential pregnancy skin change #3: Pigmentation

One of the most commonly talked about skin changes during pregnancy is pigmentation! You may notice throughout your pregnancy that your skin becomes darker, or that patches of pigmentation appear. In fact, around 50 per cent of women experience ‘melasma’ during pregnancy, and it often appears on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip, before generally disappearing after child birth!

Melasma is a result of an increase in hormones - like estrogen, progesterone and melancortin - that all work to stimulate the production of melanin. These hormones, along with sun exposure, can increase your chances of developing melasma.

We recommend:

Skin Juice SUN JUICE is a healthy blend of mineral-rich ingredients and skin-nourishing botanicals to brighten, soothe and protect your skin from AM to PM. By protecting your skin with SPF, you’re lessening the risk of of developing pigmentation. SUN JUICE is a non-greasy, physical SPF, meaning it will safely reflect the sun from the skin when used correctly. Sun Juice Tinted contains a self-regulating tint formulated with warm and cool toned earth minerals that are designed to adjust to most skin tones, giving a natural, blemish free and healthy glow.

Potential pregnancy skin change #4: Stretch Marks

Growing a baby is an incredible feat, and as a result, your skin will stretch a lot more than it ever has in a relatively short amount of time - and that’s where stretch marks can come in. Stretch marks are breakages or tears that occur within the inner layer of the skin and allow us to see the red, inflamed connective tissue through the tears. As these scars mature they often turn white or silver in colour.

The best way to support your skin during these changes, is by keeping the skin supple and nourished the whole way through your pregnancy.

We recommend:

Skin Juice MUMMY’S TUMMY Stretch Mark Cream, as it’s a delicious, buttery spread that nourishes and protects stretching skin during pregnancy. Gentle massage improves product effectiveness and provides another moment of connection between a Mum-to-be and her growing bub.

So, why Skin Juice during pregnancy?

  • Australian-made and owned – Skin Juice is a family-owned and run business based in Newcastle NSW and they’ve been around since 1996! for over 25 years!
  • Their natural skincare products are made in relatively small batches to maintain the quality control and freshness of each product.
  • Skin Juice products are designed to ‘feed your skin’, in much the same way as a healthy diet nourishes and feeds the body.

Fun fact: The team estimates that the Skin Juice MUMMY’S TUMMY Stretch Mark Cream has been lovingly rubbed on over 80,000 pregnant tummies over the years! That’s a lot of tummies!

Find out more about Skin Juice via their website.

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