14 of the Best Baby Bath Tubs And Baby Seats In Australia 2024

The Top 15 Baby Bath Tubs And Baby Seats In Australia 2023

Finding the Perfect Bath Solution for Your Newborn: Bathtubs for Newborns

The right baby bath is an important addition to any newborn essentials list, as it means you'll have the right solution for bathing your baby in your home.

Giving your baby a bath is one of the many daunting things you have to wrap your head around as a new parent. It's so important to understand, that they even show you how to do it properly before you head home from the hospital.

Although babies aren't generally in need of a bath until they're several months old, it's a worthwhile activity to incorporate into your nighttime routine as it's a great way to promote sleep by relaxing your baby with warm water in the evenings.

What should you be looking for in a baby bath or baby bath seat?

When looking for the perfect bathtub for baby, there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

- Longevity:

Consider whether the baby bath or bath seat you're eyeing has the potential to serve your baby beyond the first few months. Assess the size and design of the bath, thinking about how long you intend to use it.

- Consider your space:

Do you already have a bath in your home? If so, you may only require a bath seat to place within the bath, just to cradle your baby as you bathe them. If you're not looking to bend over the bathtub during bath time, it might be worth considering a bathtub on a stand, so that you can wash your baby while standing up.

In a smaller home, collapsible baby bathtubs are a popular choice, as they can be placed on a benchtop during bath time and then packed away when not in use.

Some parents also choose to use a bath seat within a spacious sink, a viable option for a cosy bathing experience.

- Comfort:

Ensure that the chosen baby bath or bath seat provides comfort to your little one. The design should support your baby's well-being during bath time.

- Stability:

Many baby seats are ergonomically designed to cradle your baby in the right position to allow a gentle position slightly immersed in the water so that their ears don't become submerged. This allows you to have your hands free to attend to your baby's needs while bathing. Always verify that your chosen baby bath seat offers the stability required to hold your baby without the risk of breaking, sliding, or tipping over.

Here are the best baby baths and seats in Australia in 2024:

1. Stokke® Flexi Bath®, from $79.95

Stokke Flexi Bath From 79 95

Stokke® Flexi Bath®  is a foldable baby bath suitable from birth to four years old, with a temperature sensitive drain plug to make water temperatures safe!

What makes Stokke® Flexi Bath® different?

The space saving design makes it easy to store and convenient to use at home or when travelling, encouraging more shared bath time moments. The optional Stokke® Flexi Bath® Newborn Support provides additional comfort for newborn babies. The Flexi Bath offers a heat sensitive drain plug.The plug works by changing colours, when the water gets warm giving parents a visual cue, letting them know that the water temperature is warming up.

Why try Stokke® Flexi Bath®?

Why try Stokke® Flexi Bath®?

The Stokke® Flexi Bath® has many incredible features, including:

  • Foldable baby bath. 
  • Suitable for newborn babies and children up to four years 
  • A lightweight, portable baby bath tub that folds flat 
  • Has a non-slip base and heat sensitive plug 
  • Optional, ergonomic Flexi Bath® Newborn Support gives additional comfort 
  • Award-winning design.
  • Additional stand can be purchased separately to provide the parent with an optimum ergonomic position whilst bathing your baby.

Real customer reviews:

“It is exactly what I expected! Easy to clean, easy to use, perfect for our home that only has a shower. I would recommend it to everyone who needs to bathe a baby (who sit up on their own of course.) I found the reviews for this one helpful, so wanted to put it out there that the reviews were correct, good tub!” - SBurch 

“This bathtub has been amazing! We downsized to a 1 bath apartment that had a tub and I thought "Great! I don't need the baby tub anymore!" but my baby (6 mo.) is just too active for the regular adult tub. This tub is great because it gives her some flexibility to move around (she's the size of a 12 mo.) but she's still pretty confined. The best part is that it folds up, so when we're finished, we drain it, fold it and store it next to the tub! This is a HUGE bonus since our apartment is so small.” - NVP

2. babyhood The Bubble Bath Tub, RRP: $64.95

Babyhood The Bubble Bath Tub Rrp 64 95

A more compact bath, with extra length but a little narrower in the width so it fits in smaller spaces like apartment living, ensuite bathrooms and laundry rooms - the Babyhood Bubble Bath Tub is where it's at!

Really convenient for new mums, mums with smaller bubs or premmie bubs as it has everything at your fingertips so you can focus purely on bathing baby. The soap and conditioner bottles are a handy pump away, so you never need to lift your eyes from baby.

It also has a hose to drain the water from the bath so you are not lifting heavy and slippery baths full of water to the sink.

The most convenient way to bath your baby safely, with The Bubble Tub.

Perfect for:

Those who live in an apartment or smaller home who like a narrower option and the ability to bath their baby with ease. The built in soap and conditioner bottles are attached within the bath, which means you can always put your hands on them when you need to!

3. Roger Armstrong AquaScale Bath - New Generation, RRP: $100

Roger Armstrong Aquascale Bath New Generation Rrp 89 95

The most innovative and awarded bath ever invented. Our ergonomic design enables extended use and ensures maximum comfort for parents and babies alike.

It records your baby’s precise weight, while making adjustments for water and movement. The built-in thermometer automatically monitors the temperature of the water to ensure that the baby is comfortable, enabling you to make any necessary adjustments to the water temperature.

The specially designed unique ergonomic shape of the tub has, along with an anti-slip feature, been created to hold babies up to six months old in the perfect position for bathing.

Once your baby has learned to sit, the Baby Tub easily converts to a toddler tub, accommodating children up to two years of age.

What's different about Roger Armstrong AquaScale Bath?

  • Features Two positions – newborn lay back position, toddler sitting up position

  • Converts from newborn to toddler Digital Scale (with OR without water) Baby can be weighed with OR without water

  • Easily monitor and record weight and water temperature

  • Calculates baby’s precise weight down to the ounce (or grams) adjusting for water and movement

  • Display Converts from Pounds + Ounces to Kilograms (LB: OZ to KG) conversion Memory reading functions – stores baby’s previous weight

  • Anti-slip pad for maximum comfort and safety keeps baby securely in place & provides extra comfort to infant Water Thermometer ensures water is not hot or too cold

  • Continuously monitors & displays water temperature on LCD Display converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion

  • Age Limit: Can be used from birth up to 24 months

  • Convenient storage slot for soap and sponge

  • Digital scale works with and without water

  • Easily converts from Newborn (0-6 months) to toddler (6-24 months)

4. Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Grey, RRP: $99.95

Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Grey Rrp 88 95

The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3 Stage Baby Bathtub grows with baby through three stages and is the only baby bath tub you’ll ever need. Plus this baby bath tub is shaped like a whale making bathing your baby even more fun.

The washable mesh sling locks into two ergonomic positions: higher for full-body support for newborns and lower for seated support for older babies who are learning to sit unaided.

The dual layered mesh and comfort-edge construction securely cradles baby from head-to-toe freeing up your hands and arms for washing baby and caring for them during bath time.

The sling adjusts to a cushioned seat that comfortably supports babies learning to sit.

Perfect for:

Those looking for the perfect, secure and playful tub for a baby. This is great for anyone who doesn't have an adult bath and is looking for a way to bathe baby safely - and in a fun way!

5. InfaSecure Flexi Collapsible Bath, RRP: $49

Infasecure Flexi Collapsible Bath Rrp 49

The Flexi Collapsible Bath is suitable for use from Birth to approximately 8 months. The space-saving design makes it easy to store and convenient to use, perfect for bathing your baby regardless of whether you're at home or traveling. The Flexi Collapsible Bath is lightweight and features a hanging point, great for quick drying.


  • Space saving design

  • Large Bath: 77cm x 48cm x 21cm

  • Suitable from Birth to 8 Months* *All reference to age are to an average proportioned child. Child may vary in shapes & sizes. The ages outlined are an approximation only)

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Collapses for easy storage

  • Hanging point for quick drying

  • Lightweight

Perfect for:

Anyone who wants a bath that doesn't take up too much space. The hanging hook means that storage options are unlimited when the bath is not in use.

6. Dreambaby Premium Bath Seat, RRP: $79.95

Dreambaby Premium Bath Seat Rrp 44 95

Bath products provide support and comfort for young children, while reducing the physical stress of bathing on parents. Dreambaby® Premium Bath Seat was specially designed for your baby's comfort and for your convenience bathing them.

Suitable for: 6 months to 18-24 months

Perfect for:

Anyone with babies who are no longer happy to lay down during bath time. This seat allows your baby to sit up and be part of the action - in a safe way - during bath time!

7. Angelcare Bath Support, RRP: $69.00

Angelcare Bath Support Rrp 60 00

Angelcare®’s Baby Bath Support is loved by babies and recommended by parents all over the world! The Baby Bath Support has been ergonomically designed to hold baby securely leaving parents’ hands free to enjoy this precious time with their little one.

Real review: CM,

"I had a different baby bath that I bought for my first which I never really liked. I still needed to use one hand to hold my baby on it because she would slide around, and bath time was difficult and required at least two adults. I recently had my third and someone told me about this baby bath. After a long time deciding- after all I already have something- I took the plunge and bought it. Best purchase ever!!!! It completely holds the baby, the baby's back and bottom still get cleaned through the little holes, there is no mold issue because you can just hang it in the shower or leave it in the bath and it dries, and it's not big and doesn't take up too much space. Best of all, I give my baby a bath by myself, and it's a relaxing bonding experience. I now tell everyone with babies to buy it."

8. CharliChair 2-in-1 Baby Bath Chair, RRP: $189.85

Charlichair 2 In 1 Baby Bath Chair Rrp 189 85

The Charli Chair 2-in-1 has the added bath option for those mums who prefer their bubs submerged in water whilst still remaining in the upright position. It's sleek light weight design allows you to manoeuvre the chair effortlessly.

Have you struggled with the everyday kneeling and bending over a bath tub that is just not close enough or high enough? Well here’s your answer. The CharliChair allows you the convenience of the three level height adjustment for yourself and the multi-position recline for your baby. With the CharliChair your child will grow loving the shower as they will be accustomed to it from birth.


  • 2 in 1: bath & shower chair

  • Sleek, light weight aluminium frame design

  • Easy access to release water & refill

  • Black on sandblast aluminium

  • Nonslip seat surface and rubber feet

  • Corrosion protected legs

  • 5 point adjustable safety harness

  • No water build up 

  • Suitable from newborn upto 17kg.

  • Multi-position recline

  • 3 level height adjustment

Real review: Elizabeth Hughes,

"As a grandmother with bad knees and back, this was the life saver for me when I had to care for my newest baby granddaughter. With adjustable angles on the seat, height adjustable legs, bub was comfortable laying in it safely and I was able to use both hands to be able to wash her without hurting myself. I think it would make a great gift for any parent and I wish I had known about this earlier. "100% Australian Owned" is a bonus."

9. Kmart Large Flat Fold Bath, $49

Kmart Large Flat Fold Bath 49

This flat fold bath is the perfect size for your baby. No more washing them in the sink, now they've got their very own bath. With non-slip folding legs for safety, the bath folds down flat with a handy hook so you can hang it up easily for storage. Keep your little one safe from scalding with the heat sensor plug that prevents overheating, if the plug turns white that means the temperature is too hot, but if it's blue then the water is just fine for baby.

Real review: Monica R,

"Excellent value. Folds away neatly. Good depth. It has a plug below to let out the water. Best $49 purchase."

10. Beaba Ultra Compact Foldable Textile Bath, $99.95

Beaba Ultra Compact Foldable Textile Bath 99 95

Baby can enjoy a soothing bath with the BEABA Ultra Compact Fabric Bath. This compact folding baby bath makes bathing a breeze with showerhead support that allows you to easily fill the basin and rinse baby too, so you wont need that third hand after all!

Made of lightweight, thermoformed fabric, it provides a non-slip bath for babies that conforms to their bodies for a comfortable fit. With a 24 litres capacity, your baby wont outgrow it for 12 months. BPA, Lead & Phthalate free

Real review: Quinn Smith,

"Easy to use and store. Exactly what we needed. Only negative is that the water cools very quickly. This is probably due to the fabric vs. other tubs that are plastic. Still worth it!"

11. Blooming Bath Flower, RRP: $39.99 USD

Blooming Bath Flower Rrp 69 99

The Blooming Bath Flower is the latest and greatest product from Blooming Baby, and incorporates improvements and features learned from years of testing and use. This bath promises to be the most comfortable and convenient bath ever! The original Blooming Bath is beloved by parents and babies around the world – the new Lotus proves to be even better. Why would anyone want to bathe their baby in a hard plastic tub when they could surround their little one in the cuddly softness of an adorable plush flower?

The Blooming Bath Lotus creates a cheerful and practical bathtime experience. Simply plug the sink drain, insert the Blooming Bath, and pool water to desired level and temperature. Lower baby into flower and admire the smiles. Never run water directly on baby, as temperate could change without notice.

Real review: Beth,

"I purchased one of these for my daughter for use with her 1st baby. I loved it so much I purchased another for my grandson to use at my home. They totally eliminate the need for cold hard plastic tubs. I buy them for baby shower gifts now. I absolutely recommend Blooming Bath Flowers!"

12. Phil & Teds Poppy™ Bath Seat, RRP: $59.99

Phil Teds Poppy Bath Seat Rrp 49 99

Based off the beloved poppy™ high chair design and delivering the same in ease & functionality; poppy™ bath seat is our all-in-one solution for dirty little bubs! No need for additional accessories or tools, our baby bath seat is ready to go straight out of the box - no assembly required!

Real review: Cindy,

"I'm loving how still the bath chair sits. The suctions are so powerful that there is no movement when my little one wants to wiggle around. He sits up and plays with the water. I don't worry about him sliding off. He's about 10 months now and it's definitely made bath time easy! But not only is it great for the bath, it's great for showers too. I've had to shower my little one quickly a few times and to just have him sit in this chair was so convenient."

13. Luma Babycare Baby Bath Set, RRP: $229.95

Luma Babycare Baby Bath Set Rrp 229 95

In this LUMA Baby Bath & Care Set you will find everything you need to take care of your baby.

It contains Eight (8) items for the daily care of your baby:

  • Baby bath size: 75 x 39 x 25 cm

  • Bath stand size: 78 x 32 x 16.5 cm

  • Nappy pail to drain and use to fill your baby bath size: 37.5 x 34.5 x 31 cm

  • Baby bath seat to be used from newborn size: 49 x 23 x 18 cm

  • Manicure set size: 11.5 x 6.7 x 4.3 cm

  • Brush and Comb Set size: Brush: 14 x 2.5 x 5 cm / Comb: 14 x 2.5 x 0.5 cm

  • Bath Thermometer to set your baby's perfect bath temperature. size: 14.7 x 3.8 x 1 cm

  • An outlet tube to drain the bath water.

This is all you need for your baby. A great way to save by buying all the essentials in one care set

Perfect for:

A baby shower gift! If you're not sure what to buy someone, this is it! No matter what your living situation, the Luma Babycare Baby Blue Bath Set fits the bill for every family.

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