3 April, 2020

The best girl baby room ideas and top tips to style your girls nursery!

by One Fine Baby Team

girls baby room ideas

Girls baby room ideas and our top tips to style your nursery.

Do you need girls baby room ideas? Let’s be honest, there is a lot of fun in planning a girls nursery. Getting organised for your girls baby room is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your little babies arrival. Whilst we know the options out there are endless and quite overwhelming, we’ve created this guide to help you plan your nursery. In this article we will explore categories such as Nursery, Interiors, Decor, Bedding and feature Australia’s much loved brands like Incy Interiors, Louelle, Banabae, Goldie and Ace, Stina’s Style, Little Cloud Lane, Sack Me! and many more.

Now in case you’ve landed here by accident and it’s a boys nursery you’re after – click here to take you to another comprehensive edit of nursery ideas’ for boys.

We have also pulled together some great themes to help you plan out the baby room like our Scandinavian / Minimalism Nursery Style, Vintage / Retro / Bohemian Edit and more.

If it’s your first time here is some advice if you are buying your cot or bassinet for the first time and you can see that article here.

Get inspired by images of baby rooms!

If you’re anything like us, Instagram will be your go to for inspiration but we also love to save it all to Pinterest once we have screenshot the images. Hands down we get our girls baby room ideas here! To start with, set up your own nursery board and start pinning away. After you have chosen about 10-15 images you will start to see the type of style develop of what you really like. A girl’s room ranges in colours from neutrals, to pops of colours to the really rich and full of character styles. Get excited, the planning is under way!! We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite inspiration from our friends at Incy Interiors.

Look at your financials for your baby list.

Building a budget for a baby is an eye opening experience! It’s important to do your research and choose the items you are willing to spend on and those that you may have to secretly purchase from 😉

Identify your key pieces for the girls nursery.

Key pieces are what define the room’s style and also play a crucial part in that all important budget! Here are a few pieces we think are the most important and will help with your girls baby room ideas.

The cot for a baby girl’s nursery is the place to start when planning your nursery. There are loads of different styles on the market from wooden, to metal and convertible sets. You can read in more detail our ultimate baby cot buying guide over here.

One of the most undervalued but oh-so-important items in a nursery in the change table, which does all the heavy lifting. Storage and height are things to look for as protecting your back when changing your baby is one of the most important things you can do.

The feedings chair is definitely a statement piece, but also the piece that you will actually use the most because its where those late night feeds, cuddles or book readings take place. Choose wisely.

Soft furnishings for the baby room finishing touches!

Styling your baby girls nursery is where it all comes together. Think soft furnishings that add character to the room. We have outlined a few ideas below for bedding and decor like soft rugs, wall art, mobiles and play gyms.

Cosy bedding including cot sheets, blankets and swaddles map out the cots style. Choosing a feature colour or print can really help to set the tone of the room like the range from Banabae or Goldie and Ace with some more neutral palettes from Go To Bed, Baby Loves Sleep , 7pm Linen and Silky Tots.

Art for your wall nursery.

Wall art for nurseries is an inexpensive way to make a huge impact on your room. It’s definitely an easy DIY task that anyone can do, and at the end of it you feel really proud of yourself!! From basic stickers like stars, moons and flowers to full wall decals, the options are endless.

The additional accessories and nursery decorations for a girls nursery are key to bringing it all together. Once you’ve set the theme with the key components and colour palette, start to the focus on things that will bring character to the room. Soft and cosy things like rugs, cushions, display blankets, wall art, hanging art, wall prints, play mats and the list goes on. You can see a small selection of girl baby room ideas from some of the wonderful brands that are in our One Fine Baby Shop.

Colour code the books in the room! Such a simple idea and one that is often overlooked. It clean things up a bit and gives the room a nice order in which to accessorise.

As we said at the start, we secretly love styling a girls room as the options are endless and there is so much more on the market to choose from. We hope this post has helped to create some girls baby room ideas for you! At the end of the day you will be spending a lot of time in this room so all the hard work that goes into setting it up will be well rewarded on the other side.

Photo credits used are directly taken from the vendors stores or instagram accounts. Feature image is from the amazing Incy Interiors Team.


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