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21 June, 2022

WTF, Teething!! 7 real mums share what actually works

UGH, teething!! Seriously, is there anything worse?


Your sleep is disrupted, and you feel all but useless, as your little one can’t communicate just how much it hurts. Their little faces say it all - and it breaks your heart each time you see it.

There are many ailments available that claim to help soothe the discomfort that comes with teething, but which ones actually work?

Here are the signs of teething to look out for:

  • They have one flushed cheek:
  • They’re dribbling more than usual
  • They have nappy rash
  • They have a mild temperature
  • The gum is sore and red
  • They’re chewing and gnawing on things
  • They’re whingy and clingier than normal

Disclaimer: When looking to administer pain relief, you should always first and foremost consult the advice of a healthcare professional.

We sought the advice of 7 mums who have been there - or are there right now - to get their insights into what worked for them, and their babies when teething strikes.

“I personally like to use a mix of pain relief medication (administered every 4-6 hours, alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen, on the advice of my doctor) as well as cold teething rings and rusks. The teething rings are filled with a gel that feels soothing on sore gums. Now that Eva is older, a little frozen yoghurt helped with her molars! Or maybe that was just the excuse! haha” - Olivia, mum to Freddie (15 months) and Eva (3).

Olivia and Eva

“For my two boys, I found what really helped was the little fruit nets with frozen fruit inside. The boys would just chew on those for hours and it would soothe their sore gums!” - Robyn, mum of Hugo (10) and Remy (8)

“My girls are older now, but I always used to use Bonjela and a teething ring. It was always good to leave a few in the fridge so they were nice and cool to chew on.” - Cory, mum of tweens Milly and Andy

“Jack and Jill teething gel is my go-to for my two kids! It always seemed to make a difference for us!”  - Nadean, mum of Max (8) and Arabella (5)

Nadean Arabella

“I swear by the Weleda Teething Powder! I used this on both my girls and it seemed to really help with the discomfort when new teeth had erupted.” - Alex, mum of Poppie (5) and Marley (3)

“For us, Mizzie the Kangaroo and Sophie The Giraffe came with us everywhere for this exact reason! I never knew when a new tooth might try to push through - and with twins, I needed options!" - Li-Ann, mum of twins Hamish and Luca

“You HAVE to get the Nuby Icybite ring teether. It just goes in the fridge and is like chewing on ice without the burn! My friend with a baby also uses a frozen face washer, like wets it and puts it in the freezer and lets her kids munch on it!" - Georgie, mum of Lilah (1)

Georgie and Lilah
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