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23 June, 2020

Real Mum Review: 59S X5 Sterilising Wand

The new portable sterilizer for your baby and home!

59S is the company behind this new wave of technology using UVC light to sterilize your baby products.  Powered by UVC LED it eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria. No water or chemicals needed. Not only do they have mini portable sterilizers for dummies and small items like earrings, they also have larger sterilization cabinets in pink and blue. Talking about portable they also have one that is inbuilt into a bag- the ultimate portable sterilizer for your baby products.

Their products are not only for baby but also the home, office and travel. Hence we are super excited to have the latest edition, the X5 Sterilising Wand on the shop.

Let's road test the new 59S X5 Sterilising Wand.

When the X5 Sterilising Wand from 59S landed on our virtual shelves, One Fine Baby's Robyn Jones - a mum of two and self-confessed germaphobe - jumped at the chance to test it out!

How does the X5 Sterilising Wand work?

"I've been desperate to try this out ever since I knew it was coming online. With our heightened awareness around bacteria and germs, I've been really conscious of making sure our home is as clean as possible. The X5 Wand could not be easier to use! Firstly, give it a charge - as it's wireless, it charges via USB plugged into a laptop or phone charger. It comes with a pair of safety goggles, so when you're ready to sterilize, you pop the goggles on and it's as simple as two clicks and the UVC lights are activated, ready to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. Pass the wand back and forth a few times over the items you wish to sterilize, and the job is done!

What baby products can you use the sterilizer on?

Literally anything. The wand is so portable, and because it uses UVC lights (and not gels or hot water), it's totally mess-free. I've used it on iPads, toys, cot and bedding, the car seat, the toilet seat and so much more.

Is there anything else you can use the sterilizer on?

It is so easy to use and portable (it's about the size of a hair straightener, but lighter and without the cord), so you can use it to sterilise practically anything! It is perfect for mobile phones and laptops, remote controls, sterilising surfaces or even (when we're traveling again) hotel rooms and plane seats!

What's your Mum hack?

Because I'm a clean freak, my mum hack has got to be bribing my kids with cleaning for their screen time! The rule is no playing a device unless their rooms are clean and tidy with beds made. It's teaches them to be helpful around the house,  helps with my workload, and they know that parents don't do everything for them!

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