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14 June, 2022

The Best 11 Baby Prams in Australia in 2022

Can you put a newborn in a pram?

Yes! Many prams are made for use from birth (with a newborn bassinet insert) until children reach a certain weight, and this is different with each pram. Many parents also choose to buy a bassinet to use in place of the traditional seat for the first few months of baby’s life. This is a flat bed-like seat that allows baby to lay back. Some parents also choose to use a capsule for the first few months of the baby’s life, as these are smaller than traditional pram seats and allow you to strap baby in. They are also designed to clip in and out of the car seat and the pram, making for easy transfer. It's important to consider a wide range of prams and strollers before making your final decision.

What is the best pram for a newborn?

The best pram for a newborn is the one that best suits you and your lifestyle. There are so many different designs, weights and functionality out there, so it’s best to have a think about how you’ll be spending your days and how you’ll be using your pram day-to-day so that you can better narrow down your search.

How do you know which pram is right for you?

Your pram will be one of your biggest and most important investments when it comes to preparing for your baby’s arrival. While prams are all made for the same reason, it is important to remember that they’re not all created equal. It’s integral that you take a few for a spin before you buy, and choose one to align with your lifestyle. Here are some of the factors to consider before choosing your newborn pram Read more below...

Read More

Pram weight:

Pram weight is an important factor to consider, especially if you’re going to be lugging your pram in and out of the car or home (if you live in flats without a lift for example) every day. You have to consider whether you’d like a more lightweight pram you might eventually like to jog with, or are happy with something a little heavier to peruse the streets and the shopping centres.


Take a gander at your car, will the pram you’re eyeing off even fit in the boot? Likewise, where are you planning to store it in the house? Checking out how compact a pram can become is essential if you’re tight on space. Also, how wide is it? Are you going to be able to manoeuvre it easily? These questions are all important to consider when you’re looking for a suitable pram.


Are the storage compartments adequate for the things you’re going to need to have with you? Is the storage compartment easily accessible when your baby is strapped in? It’s a good idea to talk to mum friends or research what you’ll need in your baby bag to see if the storage in your pram will suffice.


All prams and strollers available to buy in Australia have to adhere to ACCC product safety standards, these include the inclusion of a tether strap, a safety harness, a waist and a crotch strap and one or more parking devices that limits the movement of the pram or stroller. You must also always read and follow individual manufacturer’s usage instructions. You can find the full list of ACC pram and stroller requirements here.

Age recommendation:

Will the pram you’re looking at grow with your baby? If you’re looking to spend a little more and have your pram go the distance, you need to consider whether when your baby grows and weighs around 13-14kgs, whether the pram will still be big enough. Most prams come with an age recommendation, either suitable from birth to a certain age weight range, or six-months to a certain age or weight range. Prams that don’t accommodate from birth will more than likely offer a bassinet attachment that you’ll have to buy separately.


Depending on how you plan to spend most of your days, how much your pram can recline can be pretty important. If you’re a regular café goer, you may want baby to be able to almost ‘sit’ at the table with you. If you’re foregoing a bassinet, you may want your pram’s seat to be able to recline as close to ‘flat’ as possible, so that he or she can get a comfortable shut eye. You may also find that the more reclining options the better, as you haven’t met baby yet and can’t predetermine which positions they’ll find the most comfortable. More options means more chance of finding something that works!

Functional extras:

Most prams come with some decent add-ons that can be used with your pram, so it’s a good idea to do a little research to see if you can purchase a cup holder, or a rain cover, or a pram caddy to hang off the handle to hold your phone and wallet. While not all of these will be necessary for you, it’s worth factoring a few of these extras into the total cost of your pram.

The top 10 best prams in Australia in 2022:

Now that you've got all the specifics, we look at the current market and outline the top pram brands in Australia that are ready to buy in 2022!

1. Stokke Xplory X, $2,199.00

Premium from top to bottom, the Stokke® Xplory® X is  the perfect choice for conscious parents who want the best for their baby without compromising on safety, quality, or style. The unique design of the Stokke® Xplory® X  brings you and your baby closer for the connection they need to feel safe and loved. Something you may not know, is that the latest Signature Edition of the Stokke® Xplory® X is inspired by the latest runway trends! So, when you spot the distinctive fashionable features, like the luxurious all-black frame with luxe matte gold chassis, you’ll know where the distinctive fashionable features come from!

What makes the Stokke® Xplory® X different?

The protective seat of the Stokke® Xplory® X has active, rest and sleep positions, which gives your child ultimate comfort every step of the way. Innovative Scandinavian design makes Stokke® Xplory® X effortless to manoeuvre and handle. Carry cot or car seat accessories make it ideal for use from newborn.

- A luxury ride for use from Newborn up to 22kg 

- Protective reclining stroller seat for baby’s comfort 

- Tested and trusted for safety & quality 

- Secure infant car seat & carry cot for newborns 

- Effortless to manoeuvre with swivel wheels

- The seat is high enough that doubles as a high chair when you’re out and about!

Why try the Stokke® Xplory® X?

The Stokke® Xplory® X has a number of incredible, innovative features, including:


- Complete stroller with high seat to keep your baby close and at table level. 

- Closeness and connection with their parents gives babies a sense of security. 

- Three seat recline angles for all-day comfort: sleep, rest, active; reversible seat with parent- and forward-facing positions.

- Grows with your child from newborn to toddler, up to a weight limit of 22kg / 45lbs. 

- Adjustable footrest in three positions for comfort at each age. Leg rest to support tiny feet and growing legs.

- Supports freedom of movement for the shoulders and arms. 

- Extended canopy with visor for shade and protection.

- Extra quiet canopy folding doesn't disturb your baby's sleep. 

- Canopy mesh opening for air flow; also functions as a window to keep an eye on your baby. 

- Removable padded seat inlay for a custom fit; made in a soft, knitted, quick-dry material. 

- Extra seat padding to support your newborn baby.

The Stokke® Xplory® X also comes in a Special “Signature” Edition, inspired by designs from latest runway trends.

Real customer reviews:

“We took ages to look into a pram as it was one of our only big ticket items. We are so glad we got the Stokke Xplory. We have the all black version which is sleek and looks great and the height and width of this stroller is fantastic, high enough for great interaction, museums, city and garden walks, galleries and zipping through smaller aisles and elevators, converting it into a high chair and in day to day life. My child is so comfortable in his chair and really enjoys being up high and seeing the world. The bag is deceptively large and we put a backpack on the other side so we can use the pram bag for shopping. Fits in the car boot easily with room to spare and super easy to take apart. All in all, money well spent.” - Kushla 


“- Very satisfied with my pram, very easy to move around, not too bulky or heavy. 

- Pram has only 2 parts making it easy when packing away or placing it in a car.

- 3 adjustable seating settings taking your child through their stages baby/infant/toddler. - very easy to clean, just wipe away !” - Mfly

2. Edwards & Co Oscar Mx Pram - From $939.00

The Oscar Mx is the most loved stroller from Edwards & Co due to its lightweight, compact fold and beautiful design. With gorgeous accessories including luxe liners, UPF/UV protective sunshade and all purpose cup holder, they know they have everything covered for your most precious cargo.

What makes the Oscar Mx diffferent?

The Oscar Mx from Edwards & Co comes complete with everything you need to get moving, safely and in style.

Every part and feature on the Oscar Mx has been carefully considered and designed for ease-of-use.
- Newborn to Toddler
- XL Canopy
- Lighter
- Less Maintenance
- More Compact
- Luxury Handlebar
- Easy to Fold: Oscar is designed to fold and stand upright. The simple and unique system is easy for anyone to do easily (including the Grandparents!).
- Click & Go The Functional Buggy: With the memory adapter, you can connect many brands of Car Seat Capsules (with the Maxi-Cosi Adapter), the Carry Cot Mx (0-9kg) and Oscar seat unit (6 months to 20kg) in both parent and forward facing modes!
- Adventure ready: Equipped with all-wheel suspension and puncture-proof rubber tyres, Oscar is designed for active families keen to get outside.

Real customer reviews:

"Absolutely love our Oscar Mx. From the incredible quality of material to the ease of use in the design, it’s the first pram I’ve ever owned and I will never need anything else. I love all the options for the liners and hood covers so you can always get new ones if you want to change up the design and makes for easy cleaning too. It is so easy to fold and I love that it’s front facing or parent facing, that you can use it from newborn with the insert and also attach the carry cot to it. It’s honestly a dream come true and so many people have commented on how amazing it looks and when they use it are impressed with how user friendly it is. It is also super easy to adjust the straps. I also use it for running and you can lock the front wheel for this too. If you’re wanting a pram that does it all I highly recommend getting the Oscar Mx." - Kim


Shop Edwards & Co:

3. Redsbaby The Jive Pram - from $899

redsbaby jive best pram

This flagship product is the market-leading JIVE³, which has been designed to grow with your family by converting from a lightweight, compact and easy-to-use single, into an agile and slimline double/tandem pram. The bassinet features breathable panels and has been tested and approved for overnight sleeping  (when used in conjunction with the Redsbaby Bassinet Stand – sold separately).

With a beautiful, modern Australian aesthetic, the JIVE³ encompasses thoughtful engineering and carefully considered design to create a pram that seamlessly grows with your family, carrying newborn to toddler-sized passengers.

4. Babyzen YoYo Pram - from $1,179.90

babyzen yoyo best pram

In 2012, after two extensive years of work and five patents registered, BABYZEN released YOYO, the first evolutionary ultra-compact stroller where every detail is meticulously considered to anticipate the needs of today’s urban parents.

As light as its design is cool, YOYO can be manoeuvred with one hand, it folds and unfolds very quickly, it can be carried over the shoulder, it is easy to store and fits in the overhead compartment on the plane. BABYZEN all started from the ambition to always anticipate contemporary families’ expectations and accompany a new generation of modern parents who are constantly on the go.

With more than one million units sold in 3,000 points of sale throughout the world, the now-iconic YOYO has become a true generational phenomenon that continues to grow.

Today, the brand continues to innovate with the launch of YOYO² in 2020, as well as a line of accessories (YOYO bag, YOYO board, cup holder…) which enable parents to customize their YOYO to echo their lifestyles.


Shop all babyzen prams

5. Edwards & Co Otto Pram - From $399

edwards and co otto

Otto is the ultimate all-rounder! A pram that can cope with anything. Take him on the plane… and you’ll love him at the other end! Sit up… lie flat… get a smooth ride without the punctures… and fold him away with one hand. 

What makes Edwards & Co Otto different?

Suitable from newborn, right up to 20kg, and available in a range of colours - Otto is the perfect everyday pram!

You can fold Otto with one hand and at only 7kgs, he’s the perfect travel companion. He even fits in the overhead locker! With his PU rubber wheels, you’ll never get a puncture and you’ll always have a smooth ride.

Otto comes with a complementary travel bag with a handy strap to either use over your shoulder or pull along beside you!

Real customer review:

We are totally in love with the pram!! My little one loving it!!! Its super comfy and easy to move! Now that we are gonna travel to visit our family for a 39 hour flight we are excited to use it because honestly it’s easy to transport, it’s comfortable, my son loves it to sleep on and it’s super light! Thank you - Francisca A, 6/1/2022

Shop Edwards & Co:

Shop all Edwards & Co prams

6. Silver Cross Wave Pram - from $2,798

silvercross best pram

Wave has a patented One plus One® system to carry both a newborn and a toddler, so there’s no need for another purchase if a second baby comes along. You can create 7 configurations straight out of the box. Think of it as future-proofing for parents.  With beautiful two-tone woven fabrics and stylish leatherette details, Wave is our most luxurious and versatile travel system, offering babies a comfortable and stylish ride. By adding the optional tandem seat, a second carrycot, a compatible car capsule or ride-on board, Wave offers 30 intelligent combinations, for one baby, siblings or twins. Compatible with Maxi-Cosi and Nuna Pipa (sold separately).

7. Bugaboo Donkey 3 Pram - From $2,099

Perfect for parents with children of different ages, the Donkey 3 Duo Pram is incredibly versatile and grows with your family! Much of parenthood is about being prepared for all occasions. And the bigger the family, the bigger the pram (usually) in order to do that.

This pram that takes everything you need on board, and is still small enough to fit easily into your family life, your apartment, and also through standard doorways.

8. iCandy Peach Pram - $1,899

icandy peach pram best pram

When you choose an iCandy, you’re not just buying a travel system – you’re guaranteeing the utmost in quality, safety and functionality for your child and your family. But it’s not just the engineering that matters. It’s the way an iCandy makes you feel. From the very first push you’ll know the difference, and it doesn’t all come from world-class engineering. A lot of it comes from their passion.

This attention to detail, this dedication to creating the perfect pushchair, it’s what drives the brand. They’re proud of their heritage and achievements, but they are even more proud that they've been able to help parents give their child the very best start in life.

Shop iCandy:

Shop all icandy prams

9. Redsbaby The Metro Pram - from $769

redsbaby metro best pram

Get ready for wherever life takes you with a lightweight 6.9kg frame, customisable and multi award-winning METRO³. Suitable from birth with optional bassinet approved for overnight sleeping, super-sized 10kg basket, compact fold with seat attached and extra-large UP50+ extension canopy designed for the Australian climate, the METRO³ makes exploring the world with your little one easy. With a selection of options, from chassis colour to bassinet and seat fabric colour, they invite you to celebrate your individuality and customise your METRO³.

With puncture-proof wheels and easy fold, the METRO³ is ideal for everyday living as you easily manoeuvre through your daily family adventures and stores away easily, whether in a compact car boot, garage or home.

10. Silver Cross Coast Pram - from $1,699

silver cross wave best pram

Combining effortless style with single to double flexibility, Coast offers comfort for babies and versatility for parents. A carrycot and reversible pushchair seat are included for use in single mode. By adding the optional tandem seat or a car capsule Coast becomes a double pram to carry siblings, with the option of 27 configurations.

Shop Silver Cross Prams:

Shop all Silver Cross prams

...and a bonus pram!

11. Bambini Milan Pram - $1,500

bambini milan best pram

Lightweight, manoeuvrable and smart. MILAN is the techy multi-functional for modern city parents.

Chassis, Bassinet, Toddler Seat and all accessories included.

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