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Modern life is busy, crazy busy! It only gets more crazy when kids are involved! From the moment they are born you spend countless hours tending to everything they need and anything that will help make it all a little less crazy is welcomed with open arms!

The Cook’s Grocer is all about making life that little bit easier, while giving you delicious and nutritious food to enjoy each day, in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose a meal plan or shop as you go. 

With the meal plan you receive a selection of dishes from the menu each week. With shop as you go, you choose meals as and when you need them.

2. They measure and deliver to your door

All the freshest ingredients ready to cook and delivered to your kitchen.

3.  You cook

Follow the simple recipe cards to enjoy a home cooked meal in no time with no waste.

It’s the perfect solution for busy family life, and an excellent option when you have first brought baby home; one less thing to worry about!

See how The Cook’s Grocer can make your life a little less stressful by visiting their stand at One Fine Baby in Sydney on November 14-15. Tickets are on sale now. Buy your tickets online and receive a 25% discount!

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