7 October, 2020

The Top 10 Baby Cots in Australia in 2021

By One Fine Baby team

Cot, crib, baby bed… there are numerous ways to describe the place where you lay your precious baby’s head to rest, and likewise, there are numerous cots out there to choose from.

The aim is to wade through the options and work out which option is the most suitable for your space, in line with your decor – and most importantly – safest for your baby.

What should you look for when buying a cot?

When it comes to choosing the right cot for your baby, it’s important to take into account the size, the shape, the materials used, the look and feel and above all, the safety of the cot.

- Safety

When it comes to buying a safe cot for your baby to sleep, it’s important to look for something with panels and bars surrounding the sides so that your baby receives adequate air flow. All cots sold in Australia need to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2172-2003, even if they’re made overseas. Also be wary with second-hand items, as even if they meet these safety guidelines, they can become unsafe overtime, due to damage and general wear and tear. For this reason it’s always best to buy new, so you can be sure the safety standards are in line with Australia’s legal requirements.

You should always ensure your cot is painted with non-toxic paint, and if you’re unsure it’s well worth purchasing teething rails to ensure your baby doesn’t start chewing on the side rails – as they so often do!

- Comfort

The most important factor when it comes to comfort in your baby’s cot, is selecting the right mattress. This is also important for safety, as the mattress placed in any cot should fit properly, reaching all sides of the cot comfortably with no gaps between the mattress and the bars. When it comes to mattress firmness, comfort and safety go hand-in-hand. It’s important not to purchase anything too soft, which could result in a breathing obstruction. Look for a mattress with an ‘infant’ side and a ‘toddler’ side, so that you can switch the firmness as your baby grows.

- Railings

To coincide with Australian safety requirements, the panels of any cot should be spaced between 50 mm and 95 mm apart, as bigger gaps can trap a baby’s head, arms or legs. If the bars or panels are made from flexible material, the maximum spacing between the bars or panels should be less than 95 mm.

- Design

When it comes to the design of a cot, that’s really up to you and the style you think will fit best in your nursery. As cots can be a big investment, many parents tend to choose white or natural wood finish cots, as these can be unisex. A recent trend is the option for acrylic clear panels in place of traditional wooden rails.


Many parents opt for a cot that can transition with their child. Most cots cater to this, either coming complete with a toddler railing, or having one available to purchase alongside the cot. This simple addition of the railing means that when the time comes the cot can be transformed into a toddler bed and used up until they’re at least three or four.

Baby cot features to consider (and avoid!):

- [Consider] Acrylic panels

These wide-style acrylic side panels have recently become a firm favourite among parents, as they create less a jail-style look, and more of a translucent, chic look into your baby’s cot.

- [Consider] Multi-level base settings

For a cot to provide real longevity and ease-of-use for parents, it’s important to find a cot that means you can safely and securely lower your baby into the cot without too much struggle. The highest level, reserved for newborns, should be lowered as soon as your baby can sit up without assistance.

- [Avoid] Lambswool coverings and the like

It’s also important to stick to a fitted mattress sheet on your cot, without a lambswool covering, or any other kind of comforter, as these can also prove too soft and result in a potential breathing obstruction.

- [Avoid] Bumpers

Though bumpers can look gorgeous tied around the rails of your cot, Red Nose guidelines state that they are unsafe to have in a cot due to potential breathing obstructions. The same guidelines state that a baby’s bed should be clear of blankets, toys and pillows.

- [Consider] Toddler bed attachment

If you want your baby’s cot to go the extra mile, check out whether it comes with a toddler transition rail. This attachment allows you to remove one side of the cot and fit it with a shortened side rail that allows toddlers to get in and out of bed as they wish. Generally these attachments mean the bed can be used up to around four years of age, provided your child doesn’t outgrow the length of the cot. Some cots come complete with the toddler transition rail, and others sell them separately.

The 10 best cots of 2021:

best baby cot ellie cot

Real review: SJLOVES, productreview.com.au

“I pre ordered my Ellie cot and delivery was 2 weeks away. I received my cot almost exactly 2 weeks later. It is my absolute favourite purchase I have made for my nursery. My husband had it built in no time and I can’t help but smile every time I see it.”

best baby cot babyhood lulu

Real review: mrandmrsjjsimons, bubsngrubs.com.au

“Very impressed with the quality and ease to put together. Looks fantastic and is solid which is important. Quick delivery too, not to mention its price is the best you’ll find anywhere. We purchase the orthopaedic mattress too, fits snug as it should. Drop sides sturdy, reliable and easy to use. All in all very happy!”

best baby cot bloom papa

Real review: Sarah H, johnlewis.com

“Purchased because we are short on space and this cot is the perfect size for our flat. Very easy to put together and made of real wood that looks beautiful but also very hard wearing (if a little heavy!). Comes with wheels (not needed for us) but I can see the benefits. I also like the fact that we will use this for several years using the bed attachment. Very happy with the purchase.”

best baby cot crystaline

Real review: Bridgette Fowler, littleloubaby.com.au

“This cot is simply amazing, it’s quality is up there with some well known world-leading brands, it’s such a solid cot and the weight limit is an unbelievable 90kgs, yes 90kgs!

The clear acrylic panels I love so much and I love that it’s not a drop downside and it’s a fixed side. It does have two options, high and low and it also came with the toddler rail which is included free at the value of $249. All in all, this is a high-quality cot at an incredibly affordable price.”

best baby cot babyletto

Real review: aprilmoorie, productreview.com.au

“We saw this brand when we were holidaying in the US and we were thrilled that we could get it in Australia. It took a bit of looking around, but we found both the Babyletto Lolly and the Hudson on display at Banana Baby. We got the Hudson in Washed Natural because we like the unique finish of this product, other products didn’t have this finish. We also got the matching chest of drawers and changer. Natalie from the shop recommended there was a snug fit mattress that fitted the Hudson perfectly. As the mattress was made in Australia and latex, it’s pretty easy yes from us. We love it. Allow 1 hour to assemble it.”

best cot boori oval cot

Real review: Anonymous, babybunting.com.au

“The cot was easy to construct. It looks great and it’s nice and compact which works well for smaller rooms.”

stokke sleepi bed

Real review: emma holt, productreview.com.au

“I really love this cot! It is my favourite baby item. I have only had it for 15 months so far, but I have had no trouble with it. I fell in love with it when I saw it at the shop, but it was more money than I wanted to spend as this was our fourth baby. The other cot we had only made it to baby number three and I felt that I should probably buy a cheaper one as this was the last baby I would have and I needed a new pram and car seat as well.

It was a lovely surprise when it was delivered to our door courtesy of my fantastic mum!

I have the natural wood one and it matches everything. There are no chips or dents despite the other kids and a teething baby.

Easy to assemble, the first cot I have felt I could assemble myself. No moving sides to pinch small (and big) fingers. Easy to lower the height and move from room to room. I feel that the lower level is lower than the other cot I had, but I’m not sure. The mattress is thinner than the old cot mattress I had so that is probably why it feels lower, sometimes it strains my back a bit to put her down but I don’t know how that could be changed.

I can’t think of anything negative to say about it.

I’m sure I’ll be using it for a couple more years due to its versatility.”


best baby cot il tutto

Real review: Vi, iltutto.com.au

“Being high risk, it was hard to buy furniture without having seen the cot in real life. But the cot is definitely as pictured. I didn’t notice at first but this cot also comes with teething side rail covers as well which was lovely. Easy to put together and the external assembled measurements for us is as follows: L – 139.5 cm W – 75 cm H – 85 cm Ordering with Iltutto.com.au was the best decision ever. Whole process and delivery was simple and any questions were addressed in a friendly manner and quickly. Would not hesitate to recommend and order from Iltutto again. Thank you again Iltutto!”


Real review: Daniel, designkids.com.au

“While it is pricey, we loved our Pod Cot. We loved the design and function. It looked great in our daughters room and we had no problems with install or using. Was easily able to adjust the height as she got older. Liked the design that we could clean under and around the cot on the floor. Also liked the fact that it was ‘bar free’ and we could see in. Recommended.”

best cot cocoon nest

Real review: Jossie, productreview.com.au

“By far the most rewarding purchase we made when shopping for baby gear. We purchased our crib about 5 years ago with our first bub and have now converted it to the chairs and table set after our second child used it as their bassinet and cot. Having wheels was great and the design is truly faultless as now we can use it for a place for them to play. Great value as the mattress set was included in the price and all parts are included.”

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