The joyjoie teepee has been inspired by the delight of seeing children play in a makeshift tent constructed of dining chairs and a sheet. This joy can only be surpassed by a seeing them in a beautiful teepee that is also stylish with the added bonus of not needing to be deconstructed every time you want to use the dining room. Each joyjoie product is designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia to be  interactive, fun, long-lasting and attractive. The teepee design incorporates both stability and functionality while retaining a high standard of finish as you would expect of a joyjoie product.

Suzy is the owner and designer of joyjoie and she shares more with us below:

What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

My daughter, Arianna is a delight to be with, she wakes up and brightens my day with her morning hugs and smiles. My favourite times with her are the random spontaneous activities like fun games we make up or dancing around the room together. These are the times when we are truly in the moment, not distracted by technology or work or the myriad other things that occupy our busy days.


Who inspires you?

My little bundle of joy has grown into an adorable child and she is my constant source of inspiration. The ways that Arianna inspires me are a revelation, sometimes she just needs to skip across the room and my mind starts moving. At other times the inspiration is more tangible like making something that is a way for me to help her engage and imagine, but whatever it is I am excited to see what she does next and what I will create as a result of her play and interaction with the world she is discovering.

Photographer: Heidi Adnum +61 468 953 189

What’s for breakfast?

Arianna is a big fan of dry breakfast cereals or Nutella wraps. I on the other hand am a fan of chocolate pretty much any time and I usually start my day as it continues, with chocolate. Lucky for me Ari understands this is a mum thing and does not expect to eat like me.

Joy Joie Kids Teepee Tents One Fine Baby Fair 1

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

I think I reserve all my patience with cutting and measuring for my sewing which leave little time or space for baking, but when Ari and I do bake together it is always Anzac biscuits, yum!


What’s your favourite bedtime story?

Bedtimes stories are selected by Ari but she knows that I love Mathilda’s Cat and The Sweet Dreams Book best of all and will pick these just to make me happy.

Photographer: Heidi 468 953 189


What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Avoiding them when possible by anticipating the potential and discussing what is happening before if becomes an issue is always my intent but when the planets fall out of alignment and there is a meltdown I find a cuddle and a chat the best remedy. I watch my husband deal with tantrums by making Ari laugh and wish I had the knack for it as it looks like a fun way to handle a noisy situation.

The full, extensive range of teepee designs and tent accessories can be found on the joyjoie website.