Bambini Early Learning Centres

Bambini Early Learning Centre’s string of 6 long day child care services in and around Melbourne have long been prided on their unique environments, supportive educators and strong partnerships with their families. They stand by the belief that every child is a global citizen, that is worthy of unending respect from the day they are born, with dreams and inspirations there to be made into a reality.

Their 6 child care services offer care for children aged 3 months to 6 years and is driven by the values,
Know- Know your families and children
Inspire- Inspire yourself and the children in your care
Nurture- Nurture everyone
Dream- Dream big uninhibited dreams and encourage children to dream as big

Bambini Early Learning Centre’s have a strong social conscience, focusing on sustainability as a key component of their everyday curriculum and building partnerships in the local community to give back.

Being entrusted with the care and education of young children, Bambini ensure a wide variety of learning opportunities are at the children’s fingertips, with in house art teachers, music and science programs.

Bambini have recently introduced their own rewards program, Bambini’s Garden of Rewards as a platform to give back to families and the community, gifting families free casual days and more.

Create. Explore. Ignite at Bambini Early Learning Centres.