Ginger & Thyme

Essential Oils For Babies & Children

Since discovering doTERRA and the benefits of natural oils, I have committed to help improve and support the health of my family and friends and I’d love to help you and your family live a healthful life too.

Discover the powerful ways in which doTERRA Essential Oils can transform the way you manage your health and support a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Essential Oils can benefit each member of your family, even your little ones. No matter the stage you’re at – preparing for the birth of a new child, or watching your baby grow into a toddler, Essential Oils can play a daily role in raising your baby.

doTERRA have designed a Touch Collection which comes pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil. The Touch Collection is perfect for use with your child’s naturally sensitive skin.

doTERRA Essential Oils and blends are developed by a network of health scientists and health care professionals of traditional and alternative medicine and are Certified Pure Theraputic Grade (CPTG). Essential Oils are pure extracts from plants and herbs.