Guardian Early Learning Group

Guardian proudly own and operate 96 Child Care and Early Learning Centres around Australia. Every day thousands of families entrust us with the care and education of their children.

Guardian’s vision is to empower children to become life-long learners, where educators encourage questioning and discussion. Guardian strives to provide an environment where children feel stimulated and challenged, supported by dedicated and qualified educators, who are committed to delivering the Guardian Curriculum; a Reggio Emilia inspired play-based program.

All of our Centres are custom-designed to nurture the physical, emotional, cognitive and social interests of young children at all developmental levels. In line with our unique early education approach, our Centres promote interaction with natural materials, free access between indoor and outdoor spaces and optimise meaningful play opportunities for learning development.

We invite you to discover Guardian’s high-quality child care and early learning centres and look forward to meeting you at the One Fine Baby fair.