Smallprint Keepsake Jewellery

Smallprint hand craft personalised jewellery keepsakes that capture a special moment in time.

Handmade in sterling silver, we make charms, pendants, cufflinks and key-rings featuring your loved ones;
• FINGERPRINTS: Your loved ones fingerprints pressed directly into the sterling silver clay (no moulds are used – what they touch is what you wear). Suitable for babies aged 16 weeks onwards, there is no age limit, adult prints are wonderful!
• HIGH FIVES & LITTLE KICKERS: Your loved ones Hand & Footprints taken from an ink print, shrunk to size and placed on your silver piece. (We use Inkless wipes to capture prints but if you have existing prints we can use them too).
• LOVE LETTERS: Your loved ones handwriting. Both young and old – Capture your little ones first day at Kindergarten or Grandmas beautiful writing – both something to treasure!
• MINI MASTERS: Your little ones drawings. Perfect to capture your little ones first self portrait, family portrait or first day of pre-school.
• TENDER TOUCH: Capture a magnified section of fingerprint, creating a beautiful textural surface.
• NAMES TAGS: Made to order stamped names.
• INITIAL DOTS: Mini initial dots can be worn on their own or added to a personalised keepsake.
• TRIBES & SCRIBES: All the family members / children’s / grandchildren’s stamped names on the one piece, birth tags, special phrases or messages captured in silver.

All our pieces are handmade in Melbourne from sterling silver (925).

Hand and Footprints are taken using inkless wipes and sensitised papers which are safe for any age including newborns. If you have an ink print from the birth of your little one we ARE able to use this. Sometimes these are a little smudged, please discuss with me, in most cases I am still able to work with them.