At Art Picks 4 Kids, we are a team of curators, art lovers and parents.

Our journey was inspired not by dramatic ambitions, but by the everyday experience of parents who deeply care about the upbringing of their children. We were looking for an easy and convenient way to create an artful, fun and educational home environment for kids.

Art Picks 4 Kids is building up an art gallery especially for kids. Hand picked. With love. And a special focus on meaningful and  inspiring art.

Growing up with Art

We believe art is nurturing and inspiring.

This belief forms the core of our social mission as told in our story. We think not only does art teach kids to appreciate beautiful things in life, it also helps shape their personality and view of the world later in their life.

Like relationship with people, pets and animals around them.

Like the appreciation of small moments and simple pleasure.

Like the power of creativity and imagination, of adventure and of being authentic to themselves.

Onebaby5 - The Art Keepers.jpg

Artworks by Art Picks 4 Kids artists Juliana Perdomo, Elisabeth Fredriksson, Alex G Griffiths, Tania de Regil


Artworks for kids around your house can be a reflection of your kids’ everyday play and curiosity to learn and explore. Almost every interest can turn into, or be captured by art. From the playground, gardening time, favourite sports, a game of hide and seek, to stories and memories. Like a museum trip but right in your home, you can let kids explore and enjoy art on their own. Let them immerse and express what they see and imagine.

Pick your Art to match your Style

As parents with kids, we love to decorate our home and make it truly ours. Art is an excellent choice to bring colour and imagination onto our walls and into our life.

Decorating a playroom or a nursery room is both an exciting and challenging experience! At Art Picks 4 Kids, we have a range of art styles to suit your taste. Whether it is clean, minimalistic, modern style, or a bit rusty and vintage vibe, or splashes of bold colours, we have them all covered.

Our international artists coming from more than 10 countries around the world. It is an excellent opportunity for kids to get exposure to diverse art styles. and culture too!

Onebaby4 - The Art Keepers.jpg

Artworks by Art Picks 4 Kids artist Ulrika Kestere



Artworks by Art Picks 4 Kids artists Tania de Regil, Luke Tudor, Alex G Griffiths


Artworks by Art Picks 4 Kids artist Juliana Perdomo


Artworks by Art Picks 4 Kids artists Judith Loske, Elisabeth Fredriksson, Florent Bodart

Little Co-Curators

We love to involve our little ones in curating art for the home! The most exciting aspect of art curation for kids is to discover what themes and subjects they like, are interested in and what they can relate or connect to.

Pirates, fairies, unicorns, play time, an adventure, monsters, or just ‘helping mom’ time are some themes that we have discovered – kids’ interests can be really diverse.

Every kid has a different personality and a unique way to express themselves: be it a curious, funny or a serious little “grown-up”. It is important for us to recognise each child as an individual with all kinds of idiosyncrasies, and to help them find their own piece of art at Art Picks 4 Kids.

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Artwork “Lost in Space” by Art Picks 4 Kids artist Zorana Zivic

Your Very Own Mini Art Gallery

Discover the inner art connoisseur and curator in you and your little ones, and build up. a mini gallery in your own home! You will be surprised how great your wall would look with a mix and match of artworks with different styles.

A piece of art is the perfect Birthday, Easter, Christmas or “Just Because I love You” present.


Artworks by various Art Picks 4 Kids artists


Our Artists

..are simply AMAZING! All of them. 

With every artist we invited to join Art Picks 4 Kids, we take into our heart that their art encourages creativity and empowers children to be more curious and courageous. Their illustrations should help them appreciate the joy of simple things in life.

Our artists are passionate about what they do and have creative hearts and souls .

Each artist designed the best works from their lovely view of childhood. Many artworks reflect a personal inspiration or a personal experience.

Our Values 


We BELIEVE that the most important thing in life is to be happy and kind.

We UNDERSTAND ART as a way for individual expressions.

We SUPPORT independent and passionate artists.

We COMMIT to working only with providers of ethically-sourced products.