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How do I choose
the perfect nappy bag?

With so many nappy bags out there to choose from we are constantly answering questions from Mamas about how to choose the right baby bag. So here are some tips to make your decision a little easier.

“Do I go tote or convertible backpack??”

If you’re planning on buying an Alf The label bag, this decision may be the hardest because our Stella tote and Ari convertible backpack are just as popular as each other…

The first question I would ask myself is how often will you be carrying the bag and the baby at the same time?

Many mamas tend to pop the bag from the car straight onto the pram… and then back into the car. If this is the case, our Stella Nappy Bag is perfect for you – she’s big enough to hold all the gear you need (and more), she has a comfy shoulder strap and clips onto your pram easily with our pram straps.

However, if you think you’re more into babywearing for a trip out, then the backpack function of our 3 way convertible Ari bag means you can have baby on your front and your bag on your back. No pram needed. Saying that though, the Ari can clip to a pram just like the Stella… and she’s a touch smaller which is better for wearing as a backpack.

“Does my baby bag really need to be leather?”

Look, this really is a personal choice. However we produce our bags in full grain leather and cow hide because just like natural skin, you can wipe a leather bag clean. It won’t soak up any smells and if you spray it with a leather protectant a couple times a year it won’t stain either.

We have had a lot of feedback from mamas with nylon/canvas/vegan leather bags who have said they have bought our genuine leather bag specifically because their original nylon baby bag was putrid within a few months.

“What other bits and pieces would make my nappy bag complete?”

Something to keep your nappies, wipes and hand sanitiser handy so you can grab and go when you have a poopy emergency. Our Little Sue clutches match our nappy bags and are the perfect go-to. If you are looking for something a little larger our Little Ottie Nappy Caddys are a hybrid between a cross body bag and a nappy clutch.

Pram straps are a must… they are a low investment, but are super handy. You can use them with both our Ari and Stella Nappy Bags – or even just use them to hang your shopping bags from your pram.

We also have a killer range of mama bags and wallets to match – for those times when you can leave the house sans kiddo.

“Why should I spend so much money – it’s just a nappy bag!”

Our bags are designed to look as far from an ugly “nappy bag” as possible. In fact we have a huge number of women who have bought our bags for work/play who don’t even have kids. Our Ari and Stella Nappy Bags are super practical for newborn time, toddler days and for when all your littlies are not so little and you’re back to using a regular handbag… so, if you think about cost per use – you use your nappy bag every day when your babies are little and if you take good care of her you can continue to use your Alf far beyond your mumming days.

“Am I actually going to use all those pockets?”

Ummmm yes. Unless you like just chucking things randomly in a large bag and having to dig around for a while to find what you’re looking for??? Don’t think anyone really enjoys hearing their baby scream while they are taking their sweet time trying to find a dummy…

“Do I want practical All Black – or go bold with colour?”

This is my daily dilemma… if you’re typically a monochrome dresser, then go with the All Black or Black Spot. They go with everything. Mamas who are a little more boho tend to like the Tan Spot range…. And if you’re like me and are a colour fiend then go with one of our limited edition colours, mamas went nuts for our Rose and Olive collections, so we’re launching our freaking amazing new Spring/Summer 18 limited edition colour at the One Fine Baby Fair in Melbourne on 15 & 16 September so come down, say howdy and get some Alf in your life.

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