Our post today comes from our presenting partner, Huggies.

The journey you are about to undertake as a new parent is an exciting one but also overwhelming with everyone wanting to share their words of wisdom with you. With so much information everywhere, we have put together 5 tips to help you think about your new role as parents!

1. Don’t overspend on your newborn

It can be very easy to deck out bub’s nursery with the excitement of a new addition to the family. A newborn baby will grow out of their belongings very quickly so do think carefully about each purchase. Huggies recommends buying no more than 2 jumbo boxes of Huggies Ultimate® newborn nappies at the beginning as often babies will be in the next size nappy quicker than you can say nappy change!


2. Start a savings account for your child

The best way to teach a child about money is by example. If you start a bank account for your child when they are a baby, you can use it to show them how money can grow and teach them the value of saving over time.


3. Your child’s first role model

As a parent, you will be the role model your child aspires to be and learns from every day. Your influence is very powerful in the early stages of development so be aware of who you are and how you would like your child to perceive the world through your eyes.


4. Your child’s health care plan

The health of your child is very important. Having an immunisation and vaccination chart will help with organising the milestones your child goes through from newborn to adolescence. It may also be worth researching into private health insurance for your child and incorporating them into your family plan.


5. Child’s safety

Your bub will be eager to explore your home when they begin to master the crawl and eventually walk! Check your home for unsteady bookshelves, low-lying coffee tables or staircases and arrange the home with baby-proof equipment so they can happily and safely roam the space.