We, Natalie (Nat) and Caroline, first met when we joined the local mothers group after having our daughters Kaylie (Nat) and Sienna (Caroline). We soon discovered our shared passion for fitness, food and design. It was while chatting during a run together one day that the idea of Babooi was sprouted, and from that our playful brand was created. Now Kaylie and Sienna are 22 months old, Nat has a 6 week old daughter Isabel, and Caroline is also expecting another daughter in 4 weeks. The Babooi family is rapidly growing and dominated by girls! We are super excited about being a part of the One Fine Baby fair and can’t wait to debut some of our new products at the event.

Interview with Nat and Caroline below:

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What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

Nat: I love to play imaginary games with my 22 month old daughter Kaylie – she comes up with the most creative and imaginative stories with her ‘toys’ and every day it could be something different. From pretending her toys are cooking breakfast, to making a house for them or going on an adventure to find the the missing ‘pig’, i’m always kept on my toes and amazed at what she can come up with! She is definitely a chatterbox at the moment and I absolutely love that about her. On the other hand, I am treasuring the ‘quiet’ moments with my 6 week old daughter, Isabel, and just loving the seconds where she just stares right into my eyes, and somehow knows that I’m her mummy!

Caroline: Anything that puts a big smile on my daughter Sienna’s face; a visit to the park where she can run around and collect sticks and stones, baking bread or cookies together in our kitchen, or singing her favourite songs.

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Who inspires you?

Nat: Definitely my parents. They have shown me that if you put your mind to something, anything is truly possible. Both of them have come from tiny villages where electricity and running water were scarce, and to see what they have become today is incredibly inspiring. They created such a loving and safe home for both my sister and I, and set up a great platform for us to start our lives. I have such a close relationship with my parents, and I really hope that Glenn and I can create the same loving relationship with our 2 daughters.

Caroline: People around me, friends and family who every day live and devote themselves to their passions.This can be anything from art and design, fitness, their husbands/wives and kids, love for their jobs, whatever makes them ooze happiness and confidence.They inspire me to take a step back and really appreciate what keeps my own world spinning around. Another source of inspiration is my mum who is probably the strongest and most resilient person I know. In my eyes she’s super woman and also the one who passed on her creative spirit to me. I strive to be to my daughters what my mum is and has been to me all my life.

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What’s for breakfast?

Nat: I love muesli and yoghurt, but these days it has usually been banana pancakes or crumpets – Kaylie’s favourite!

Caroline: At the moment, both Sienna and I can’t wait to get up in the morning to have my homemade toasted muesli packed with oats, wheat bran flakes, dried figs, goji berries and mixed seeds.

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Nat: With the sweet tooth that I have, I used to bake all the time and try lots of different recipes. Right now though, its all the simple stuff I can bake with Kaylie – cupcakes, banana cake and muffins.

Caroline: Sienna and I are into baking these simple and very tasty raspberry jam cookies that were my favourites when I was a little girl. I love baking and my daughter loves eating the cookie dough, so we’re a pretty awesome team in the kitchen.

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What’s your favourite bedtime story?

Nat: The absolute favourite book right now to read at anytime of the day for Kaylie is “Postman Bear”….. I think I could read that book to her in my sleep now I’ve read it so many times!

Caroline: Right now, the most popular stories in our household are the ones about Max, by the Swedish author Barbro Lindgren. My mum read the same stories to my siblings and I when we grew up, and they are pretty hilarious.

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Nat: I’m lucky that both Kaylie and Isabel are yet to reach the tantrum stage…. so fingers crossed I know what to do when the time comes!

Caroline: If we can’t solve the issue through plain communication and grabbing for any possible distractions around us; one safe card that ALWAYS works for me is the word “snack”. A piece of fruit, some nuts, or sometimes even just a bottle of water makes the tantrum just go away. OR if I know that nap time is closing in, we just pop her in the cot with the dummy and favourite blanket and she’s shortly fast asleep. I guess the source of the tantrum is often that she’s either hungry or tired!

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