Road-Tested: 9 Of The Best Cot Mattresses In Australia In 2024

10 Of The Best Cot Mattresses In Australia In 2023

When it comes to getting some shut-eye with a baby in your home, it’s imperative that all the stars align. You’ve got to ensure your awake windows are spot on, your nursery is sleep-friendly, and your cot mattress? Oh that thing better be comfortable!

If you were contemplating just sticking with the mattress that comes with your cot, think again - and then again if you were still considering it! Choosing a quality, comfortable mattress for cots, for your baby is the key to helping them stay fast asleep throughout the night. There are just a few things you need to consider before making your final decision.

What to look for in a cot mattress:

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Quality materials:

Like with anything we dress our babies with or lay our babies on, the materials have to be breathable and non-synthetic where applicable. We want to ensure that they stay comfortable in warm and cool conditions and even help to regulate our baby’s temperature when needed.


Some cot mattresses are double-sided, with an infant side and a toddler side. The infant side is somewhat sturdier, to ensure your baby stays safe as they sleep, while the toddler side is slightly more cushioned, as they have no trouble raising their heads as they sleep and can therefore adhere to bedding that is more standardised in terms of comfort.

Standard sizing:

You may have your eyes on a round or oval cot, which is completely fine - beautiful even! But just remember that cot sheets are traditionally sold in one rectangular shape, which may make it a little hard if you find yourself needing sheets that fit - fast!

Approved by Australian standards: 

Australian standards differ from other countries in the world in almost every single category relating to babies. For that reason, it’s imperative that you only buy products - like a cot mattress - that are approved by Australian standards.

1. Tasman Eco Pocket Spring Mattress, $129.00

2 Tasman Eco Pocket Spring Mattress 129 00

Well it’s a good news day, because the brains trust at Tasman Eco decided to roll up their best-selling pocket spring mattress and pop it into a box - so that you can simply unroll it and pop it straight into your baby’s cot!

What makes the Tasman Eco Pocket Spring Mattress different?

Choosing the best cot mattress for your baby can be a daunting process, however, the new Tasman Eco Pocket Spring Mattress has been made with the same quality practices as their other baby cot mattresses, designed for your little one to sleep well and safely those early months and years. It has been tested and approved with the Australian Cot Mattress Standards, AS/NZS 8811.1:2013. Plus! For every order including a piece of furniture or mattress, Tasman Eco will donate $5 to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.


  • 2-year warranty


1300mm x 690mm x 120mm

1310mm x 750mm x 120mm

1320mm x 700mm x 110mm

1320mm x 750mm x 120mm

Why try Tasman Eco Pocket Spring Mattress?

Tasman Eco's pocket spring cot mattress is made of individual springs, each individually wrapped in cloth, each of them working individually to keep a firm and supportive surface, ensuring a comfortable sleep for your little one. It features layers of foam and felt, and is wrapped in 100% polyester. 

The best bit? Moving to the mattress-in-a-box category means Tasman Eco is able to manufacture and send over more mattresses at a time, where the saving is not only on shipping costs but also on storage. These savings are passed on directly to the customer. This means you can now purchase a better mattress at a better price! 

Real customer reviews:

"Such a fabulous mattress! My baby sleeps so well each night!" - Louisa

2. Boori Innerspring Breathable Mattress, $199.00

3 Boori Innerspring Breathable Mattress 199 00

This breathable foam cot mattress is designed specifically for use with the unique Boori Oasis Oval and Eden Oval Cots, with an oval mattress protector and soft 100% cotton sheets available separately to complete your baby’s sleep setup.

Why are Boori Oval Foam Mattresses different?

With a washable, dryable, removable cover that can also be ironed, the Boori Oval Foam Mattress is a practical mattress; an invaluable addition to your nursery. It’s also firm and breathable, conforming to all safety regulations allowing you to rest easy knowing your little one is resting easily, and safely!

Why try the Boori Oval Foam Mattress?

  • Oval foam cot mattress with a removable cover to fit the Oasis Oval Cot.

  • 119cm x 64cm x 8cm

  • Matching mattress protector and cotton fitted sheet available.

  • Wash the removable cover with warm water.

  • Tumble dry removable cover with a low heat or air dry flat.

  • Iron the removable cover on medium heat, do not dry clean.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

  • Cover 100% polyester.

  • 3 Year Warranty. 

Real customer reviews:

"Perfect for Boori Oasis Oval cot. Not too soft, and not too firm. Good quality. Was easy to pick up and was well packed.". - fuzzwuzz6

3. IKEA JÄTTETRÖTT Pocket sprung mattress for cots, $149.00

4 Ikea Jattetrott Pocket Sprung Mattress For Cot 149 00

An 11 cm thick mattress for your baby's cot with individually wrapped pocket springs enclosed in a generous layer of pressure-relieving foam. Here your baby sleeps safely and comfortably – so you can also sleep peacefully.

What makes the IKEA JÄTTETRÖTT Pocket sprung mattress different?

A cot mattress from IKEA where you can see and feel the care in every detail, from the well-ventilated construction to the durable fabric and detailed stitching.

The outer cover is easy to remove and is machine washable at 60°C.

A fixed inner cover increases the fire safety of the mattress and makes it easy to put the outer cover back on after washing. It also prevents children from putting mattress contents in their mouths.

Why try the IKEA JÄTTETRÖTT Pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket springs allow air to circulate freely in the mattress core and provide your child with a well-ventilated sleeping climate with an even temperature.

The zipper of this mattress has a little pocket where you can hide the pull tab from the hands of curious children.

The mattress is dimensioned for IKEA cots.

Real customer reviews:

"Softer than regular cot mattresses and helped out toddler transition from our bed to her own bed." - Kelly

4. Childcare Inner Spring Mattress, from Big W, $95.00

6 Childcare Inner Spring Mattress From Big W 95 00

Make your little one’s bed nice and comfy with the Childcare Inner Spring Mattress. A firm feeling mattress, constructed with a quality combination of sprung steel springs and high-density foam that keeps your baby comfortable during nap time.

What makes Childcare Inner Spring Mattress different?

  • Tempered steel springs

  • High density foam

  • Mattress Dimension: 130cm(h) x 69cm (w)x 12.5cm(d)

  • Mattress suitable for Cot only

Real customer reviews:

"I was very surprised and pleased to see the fantastic quality of this mattress. Love the air vents and it had the perfect firmness. Very neat. I definitely recommend it, we went and bought another one for our second child." - Sabrina

5. Pottery Barn Grey Lullaby Cot Mattress, $459.00

7 Pottery Barn Grey Lullaby Cot Mattress 459 00

The Pottery Barn Grey Lullaby Cot Mattress offers the utmost in comfort and support.

Why is the Pottery Barn Lullaby Cot Mattress different?

  • Durable reinforced seam and fabric bindings offer long-lasting performance.

  • 120 interlocking coils provide optimal support.

  • Natural cotton wrap, sleep firm layers and thermo-bonded polyester layers.

  • Mattress edge has a reinforced border wire and Innofoam corner wraps.

  • Toddler side has convoluted foam comfort layer.

  • All foams are CertiPUR-US® certified which certifies the foams are made without PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals.

  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified. Meets or exceeds stringent chemical emissions standards.

6. Growbright Airnest Mattress - Small, $429.00

1 Growbright Airnest Mattress Small 429 00

The ultra-breathable, 100% washable Growbright Airnest cot mattress, which feels like it's built on a nest of air,  is now available in a smaller size!

What makes the Growbright Airnest mattress different?

Featuring the revolutionary airnest core and airnest-lite cover. Combined with the airnest system of breathable, washable bedding layers, the airnest sleep system reduces many of the risk factors associated with poor infant health.

What try the Growbright Airnest mattress?

The flagship Growbright airnest cot mattress is designed from the core up to give optimal safety, cleanliness, and comfort for your baby.

Ultra Breathable - our breathable airnest technology reduces the risk of airway obstruction if your baby rolls over during sleep.

100% Washable - airnest's removable core and spill-resistant mattress cover and topper can be easily washed cleaned and dried quickly at home, reducing bacteria and allergen buildup.

Improves Temperature Regulation - airnest’s market-leading breathability reduces the risk of overheating by assisting the baby’s temperature regulation.

Optimal Comfort - airnest’s layers have been designed to strike the perfect balance of firmness and softness to create the optimal sleep surface for baby.

Hypoallergenic and Free From Nasties – The airnest core is made from food-grade polypropylene, with no chemical-based foams or adhesives meaning no allergens, off-gassing or other nasties. The cover is Oeko-Tex class one, classified as safe for babies.

Lighter and Easy To Handle – Because of its unique construction, the Airnest mattress for cots is up to 3kg lighter than other similarly sized cot mattresses, meaning it's easier to lift in and out of the cot when required.

7. Grotime M690S100 - Cot Mattress (Breathe Easy Mattress), $149.00

8 Grotime M690s100 Cot Mattress Breathe Easy Mattress 149 00

The M690S100 Cot Mattress (Breathe Easy Mattress) is designed to provide optimum support and comfort for your little one, with the support of inner springs and soft outer materials

Why is the Grotime M690S100 - Cot Mattress different?

The Cot Mattress features a zip-off cover with premiums soft-touch quilted topper, moisture-resistant lining layers, and pressure distributing mesh.

The Grotime M690S100 Standard Breathe Easy Cot Mattress is suitable for Grotime Pearl, Retro, Scandi and Baroque Cots.


  • Premium Quilting: Mattress quilting is lined with a breathable water resistant fabric backing and branded with the premium Grotime name.

  • Breathe Easy Comfort Zone: This tightly formed cushioning foam features cross drilled venting allowing for maximum airflow to assist in breathing.

  • Moisture Free: The full inner spring frame is covered with a second layer of breathable water resistant fabric ensuring no moisture reaches the inner springs.

  • Orthogrid Inner Spring Frame Technology: Includes firm edge control to stop the mattress sagging over time.

  • Passes AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Sleep surfaces test for firmness reduces risk of breathing restriction

  • 12 month warranty

Real customer reviews:

"Good, firm, breathable mattress. Good for QLD summers. Great value." - Raph J

8. Babyhood Breath Eze Cot Mattress, $129.00

9 Babyhood Breath Eze Cot Mattress 129 00

Designed to provide your baby with optimum support for their delicate body and great breathability through the breathable fabrics keeping your baby comfortable and safe, in a firmer mattress. The Babyhood Breathe Ezy Cot Mattress has it all.

Why is the Babyhood Breath Eze Cot Mattress different?

  • Firm and supportive mattress

  • Breathe Eze bonded fibre pad

  • Tested for harmful substances

  • Zip off cover is Cover machine washable

  • Allergy and dustmite resistant

  • Mattress complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 – Sleep Surfaces Test for firmness.

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9. Kmart Inner Spring Cot Mattress, $89.00

5 Kmart Inner Spring Cot Mattress 89 00

With tempered steel units and an inner spring for support and comfort, the Kmart Inner Spring Cot mattress ensures support and comfort to your child.

Why is the Kmart Inner Spring Cot Mattress different?

  • Cot mattress with inner spring

  • Supportive and comfortable

  • Tempered steel units

Real customer reviews:

"Perfect fit for bubs cot. Very happy with my purchase and great value got money." - Tameeka S

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