24 July, 2020

The 6 best baby bags of 2021

By One Fine Baby team

best babg bags arrived

Why is having a baby bag important?

If you’re a woman, no doubt you always have your current handbag almost filled to the brim with stuff, right? Receipts and tissues, hair ties, combs and around 25 lipsticks? Yeah, me too. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for your baby’s things – and babies need a lot of stuff. Not to say you and baby can’t share a bag to try and limit the load – you just may have to size up from your current bag.

What should I look for?

There are plenty of things to consider before choosing a baby bag. Taking your lifestyle into consideration is key. Are you a big exerciser? If so, it’s probably best to go with a backpack over a shoulder bag so it’s out of the way. Most mums would benefit from a bag with a lot of compartments, including insulated sections to keep bottles warm, shallow pockets for things like dummies, and large pockets designed for easy access to baby’s must-haves – like nappy cream. What every mum will benefit from is a bag that’s lightweight and easy to cart around. A bag that doesn’t make you have to fish around for that thing you need!

You may want something practical, or something that doesn’t sacrifice your style. Maybe you’ll find something that ticks both boxes. The important thing is, the choice is up to you! Starting to think about packing your hospital bag? This is the perfect time to start thinking about a bag that’s going to become your new best friend!

Here are some beautiful styles of baby bags to consider:

Style #1: Leather

Leather baby bags are some of the most popular among mums for a number of reasons. The main reason being that leather baby bags generally don’t look like baby bags. Now, aside from the potential danger of spills on the outside, there’s no reason to feel as though you should avoid leather for your baby bag. Most baby bags come with a waterproof liner that will protect your bag against inevitable leaking bottles.

Style #2: Tote bag

The slim style of a tote bag is appealing for a lot of new mums, and is certainly becoming a popular choice as a baby bag. If fitted with the proper pockets required to be used as a functional baby bag, the length of a tote is no longer an issue, as baby’s items can be stored away on either side of the internal area of the bag, meaning you won’t be fishing in the deep depths of your tote bag for what you need.

Style #3: Backpack

Many mums – especially active mums – are moving back to backpacks when it comes to choosing their baby bag. Aside from the fact that you can strap them on out of the way, baby bag backpacks have come a long way when it comes to style. You can get chic leather backpacks, as well as those made with a high quality waterproof-treated polyester, and so much more. The sky’s the limit!

Style #4: Neoprene

Neoprene has fast become a popular choice when it comes to baby bags. The lightweight fabric offers the perfect solution to those wanting a bag that won’t feel too weighed down once filled with all of baby’s essentials. Neoprene as a material is also easier to clean and there are endless options of stylish baby bags in this material designed for mums on the move.

Style #5: Baby bag insert

For those who already have multiple bags that almost fit the bill as the perfect baby bag, all that may be missing is a baby bag insert. These clever liners are simply folded into an existing handbag and the sides of the insert sit against the inner walls. Baby bag inserts are designed to provide storage solutions, pockets and compartments to a bag that previously wasn’t as baby friendly. It can transform any handbag into an instant new mum’s dream baby bag! They’re also almost always made with a material that’s easy to wipe down, so any spills can just be washed away when you wash the insert.

Here are some of our favourite Baby Bags brand – tried and tested by us!

What about a hospital bag?

Finding the right bag to take with you to hospital – and then filling it with all of the right things for you and baby – can be two very daunting tasks for any expecting parents. You want to ensure you choose a hospital bag for baby that’s easy to rifle through to find what you’re looking for, and also big enough to house everything you want to have with you. Which is why creating a hospital bag checklist is integral. For this reason, many people choose either a duffle bag or small suitcase, as you’re able to fit packing cubes inside. These cubes allow you to categorise your belongings into groups, so that you’re able to access ‘newborn onesies’ or ‘maternity underwear’ with ease.

Brands such as The Suite Set also make this task far less daunting, by providing you with a checklist for one, three and five night stays, as well as 10 BPA free, reusable and recyclable bags to house and label your different items clearly.

arrived best baby bag

Arrived bags believe you’ve got enough on your mind. That’s why the arrived collection is designed especially for both parents. Their baby bags hold everything you need, including the endless supply of bottles, nappies and snacks, without compromising your style.

Why are they different?

They offer bags that can be used long after your baby has grown out of nappies, they are for all parents and have an understated, timeless and classic style

What are their most popular baby bags?

The Oscar backpack has been incredibly popular, it’s a great size with lots of pockets. alongside this is the oscar holdall which has been purchased by some customers who are not even parents yet; to use as a gym / overnight bag

Here's a latest customer review!

“Could not be happier with the style and quality of this bag. able to fit so many baby bits and pieces, and the colour is just incredible.

have recommended this bag to all my mummy friends :)”

–        Danielle may 29th, 2020

nappy society best baby bag

Do you have a favourite bag you don’t want to part with just because you’re a mama? Taking your tote from fashion to function, our Baby Bag Inserts are the modern alternative to traditional baby bags. Made from durable yet lightweight coated cotton canvas, they’re available in two sizes and four colours. Simply pack your Insert with bub’s and your daily essentials and slip it inside your favourite tote. Not only will you feel super organised, but you’ll easily be able to switch up your baby bag by simply popping the insert inside another tote!

Why are they different?

Their inserts are designed to fit inside any type of tote bag. Many of our mums own designer handbags from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci. They love that they can still continue to use these bags post-pregnancy and retain this part of their style identity. A luxury tote can make for the perfect gift from friends or partners to treat expecting mums during or post-pregnancy. Being able to use your favourite tote every day as a baby bag helps you feel confident and self-assured. Sometimes you have to take those small wins!

What are their most popular baby bags?

Their most popular bags are the Original Inserts in Black and Sand, Pram Caddy in Black, Stroller Clips + Wet Wipe Pouches.

We love a real review so here's one just for you!

Keeping my favourite bag

This is genius! I love that I can continue using my favourite bags but am prepared and organised for my baby. The many compartments make it easy to find everything and the changing mat is so compact but all you need on the go. Such a clever design, thank you!

Why are they different?

Designed by a self confessed handbag obsessed mum, Toots + Co bags are theperfect balance of stunning design balanced with practicality. Meticulously thought out and tested to ensure they will make mum life simple, owners of a Toots nappy bag just adore them! With perfect sized pockets to allow you to grab wipes and nappies in seconds, external slip pockets to have bottles and sippy cups at the ready and multiple ways to wear each bag you will love them too!

What is their most popular bag?

Their most popular bag is the Everything Solo – light and luxe it has you all organised with practical thought out pockets designed by a fellow mum all while looking chic!

Here's a recent customer review!

I have been eyeing off a Toots and Co baby bag for months now and finally decided on the Everything Slide Backpack. My bag arrived today and I am in LOVE. It is absolutely perfect! The quality is amazing (better than expected) and I can’t wait to start using my backpack when my baby arrives. Thank you for making such a beautiful product’. Chantelle

Not So Mumsy is the ultimate real mum who we all want to be! No seriously, she is real, raw and goes through motherhood just as the same as us, but with style! The NOTSOMUMSY X OBIKINOMI eco-conscious nappy bag, is the perfect everyday tote. Cool, minimal design with custom blush leopard lining and change mat.

Why are they different?

They have proudly teamed up with the wonderful charity PANDA, donating $10 from each sale, to help support women and their families through perinatal anxiety and depression.

The Cuba and Scout brand was born out of a desire to give women a collection of day-to-day ‘carry-wear’* that goes beyond the means of being something, simply, practical. The CS Collection is centered around solution-driven design with quality products that offer abiding style at an attainable price point.

Why are they different?

CUB AND SCOUT celebrates its Australian heritage, all products designed locally and embrace global concepts. Our primary focus is on quality, longevity, ease and craftsmanship.

6. Jumply Baby Bag

Why are they different?

Designed by a mum who couldn’t find the perfect nappy bag to fit her active lifestyle when she became a mum. So, she designed her own!

When the Adventure Nappy Backpack was being designed inspiration was taken from outdoor adventure brands as well as popular baby brands to ensure that it would be unique and truly capture the heart of the adventurous parent.

What is their most popular bag?​

Baby bag on the inside, Adventure bag on the outside. The Adventure Nappy Backpack has it all.
  • Specialised nappy storage combined with rugged “go-anywhere” features.
  • Unisex design means it’s great for mums as well as dads!
  • Australian design for Australian families
  • 17 cleverly placed pockets and sections

Here's a recent customer review!

I wish I had this nappy backpack when our first child was born! Such a practical and stylish nappy backpack which has been a lifesaver with both a toddler and a newborn. The other waterproof bag accessories have been fantastic to take to the beach, swimming or an extra bag for travelling. Every design as been thought of carefully and my husband likes using it as it’s a unisex design as well, highly recommend.” Jen

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