Special offer for our One Fine Baby family! Save $15 when you purchase the Mini Bar before the end of March! Use code OFBMINIBAR at checkout.

Bella Buttercups Mini Bar is the follow-on product of their highly coveted (and sold out five times over) Play Bar. Their clever team designed this after seeing an opportunity to create something that followed the same design principles of the Play Bar, yet catered for customers who enjoy apartment living or simply have less room in the home.

Smaller in size doesn’t mean smaller in fun! The Mini Bar allows for just as much entertainment, incorporating six toys, three of which can be suspended from the bar at any time. Babies can individually use the additional toys, or they can be swapped on the bar to keep things entertaining. These sets are a well put together mix of silicon and natural wood, coming in a range of boy, girl and gender-neutral colours. It’s clear that Bella Buttercups design ethos is to create functional products, which are delightfully stylish, for both parents and children to enjoy.

All of their toys have been designed to amuse and entertain, while also developing the senses such as touch, sight and sound. The Mini Bar is suitable for use from newborn until 10/12 months of age.

As busy parents, we can all do with having a little more time in the day and it seems the Mini Bar allows for just that.

Pre Order price $240 AUD – Delivery April 2018.

The Mini Bar will also be available for sale direct to One Fine Baby customers at One Fine Baby Melbourne this year.