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13 May, 2020

Peggy Winter Collection

Let's be honest- one of our favourite things has got to be dressing our little babes up in the cutest prints around, and the Peggy range has got to be one on your wish list this winter.

We have felt the quality up close and personal and you can see by the gorgeous images how stunning the prints are.

The top reasons why we love this brand!

- You'd have to be crazy to not see how absolutely gorgeous this range is.

- The quality is second to none and we have handed these down so the cost per wear is next to none!

- These designs just make us happy when we watch our little kids running around in them. A moment to treasure.

We spoke to Peggy owner, Simone Ryan about the inspiration behind the brand. She's one talented and experienced lady who knows a thing or two about fashion, quality + style and loves what she does!

We started Peggy in 2008 which became a small part of our stable of brands at the time through my childrenswear agency “All the Stories”.  We now operate just Peggy, and our style has always been old world prettiness, vintage prints and florals clashed together with denim, cord and linen. 

2. We love that you named your clothing line after your own Grandmother. Tell us a bit more about her and how that came to be?

She was an amazing woman with incredible style, a talented cricket player (yes!), a phenomenal cook and she was super funny and whip smart!  I looked up to her throughout my childhood and as an adult, plus I adore the name, so it just worked!

3. Compliments often come in small packages, what are some of the best compliments you’ve received from other mums about your product?

I have always been very much behind the scenes with Peggy.  It came second to the very driven agency that I ran.  It has now evolved into something that I am really proud of and love working on. I had an interesting chat to a customer recently, she said she had been buying Peggy since her girls were small and could tell me the styles and prints that had been passed down to siblings and friends… that made me smile.  To make something that lasts and is not a ‘trend’ to be tossed, that works forever, makes it really special to me.  Now when I talk about what I do, I often hear these stories which is just so lovely, and I feel really humbled!

4. The Peggy range has been brought to life with varying designs. Where did the inspiration come from and which is your favourite season?

I think Peggy is known for it’s unique and pretty prints and specific shapes that we run each season, like our baby playsuits and girls dresses.  The inspiration comes from many work trips overseas pre children and pre the childrenswear world, to LA vintage stores and markets. I have a fairly full wardrobe I often turn to for ideas!  I have also been really inspired by trips to India recently, and a move to the coast. 

My favourite season… that’s tough!  I think our Winter 20 range is really well put together and considered with the use of GOTS certified organic cottons and one of the most sustainable fibres in the textile industry - Lenzing Modal®.  We are super committed to sustainable and ethical made fashion moving forward, so are really excited by this collection which is heading in that direction.

5. Why is your brand different to what you may find in mainstream stores?

We are considerate in our collections, our choice of fabrics, where we are producing and the quantities we are producing. There are so many brands out there now, plus there are vertical retailers that are just churning out collections, going on sale, and then it’s the newest “trend” that we are being told we “need”, again.  It’s a detrimental cycle to the environment and feeds this throw-away fashion mentality. I feel really strongly that what we are experiencing at the moment with Covid-19, is going to have a positive effect on the fashion industry. I know that as a brand we will be producing a much tighter collection for this Summer which will be delivered in September/October rather than July/August (when its freezing anyway!). It will squeeze out brands that simply cannot survive so less competition and less excess stock, it will hopefully correct an archaic system of seasonal delivery months and give us more trans-seasonal ranges, reduce the amount of stock being produced, collections will be much more considered and the amount of stock being produced will be less, we will also perhaps see some local manufacturing.  It’s going to be a really interesting time moving forward. 

6. We know it’s like choosing your favourite child, but is there a favourite print that means something to you?

I loved the cross-stitch print, it was inspired from a skirt I bought in LA at a vintage store many years ago, and it was just such a simple, but beautiful print.  I loved it in the indigo blue we did. 

7. As a mum do you have any advice you could pass to other new mums?

Really take the time to sit down and play in their world…whether its building another Lego house or pretending to be princesses, don’t rush off, don’t look at your phone.  Sit with them, sit in the experience as one minute they are one and then the next they are bigger than you!

8. What’s one life lesson you hope to pass on to your children and why?

Finn is 15 and Chilli is 12…. Wow! There are so many life lessons that you hope you pass down to your children, right??  I feel like they are the kindest, little (well biggish now), humans around with the most giving hearts and to me that is something I hope they always lead with, their big beautiful hearts.

9. What’s your ultimate mum hack?

My mum hack is see answer to question 7!!  Just be with them!! The present moment is where you are meant to be, and if that means playing basketball badly, dressing up as a princess, dancing in a tik tok (super badly), or playing UNO for the 50th time, be in it and savour it.

We hope you got to know a little bit more about this amazing brand and what they have to offer. You can find their full range on our shop right here!

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