5 April, 2020

Scandinavian Minimalist Baby Room

by Nadean Richards

The Scandinavian or Minimalism Style for a baby room is focused on simple styling and clean neutral colours. Natural light is a huge player in setting the scene of the room and so is the neutral tone of flooring. We have so many products to help you style this nursery room and bring your vision to life.

Our selection of examples to help you with you baby nursery theme include brands like Incy Interiors, Sack Me!, Silky Tots, Little Cloud Lane, Mama Maya and more. Also incase you are only at the beginning of your baby nursery planning adventure, we’ve put together the Ultimate Baby Cot Buying Guide and a guide on nursery ideas for a boys baby room, girls baby room and a vintage/ boho/ retro nursery room – yes you read that right!

Let's get inspired!

There aren’t many brands that set the scene of Scandinavian design and Minimalism as Incy Interiors do, so we have pulled together some classic looks from their Instagram feed that lend to this look for a baby room.

1. Focus on Neutral

When you are going for the Scandi nursery style it’s important to start with a blank canvas and keep the walls clean and neutral. Prints on the wall should be kept to whites or greys, and go for simple themes like nature, raindrops or clouds. Flooring should be clean and white if possible and furniture should be light and bright. By keeping these items neutral you are more easily able to introduce other stand-out colours along the way.

2. Choose the right coloured cot and change table

We love the range from Incy Interiors who make the high quality cots, with most of them having a conversion kit to change a cot into a toddler bed, making it both cost-effective and less waste.

3. Choose neutral bedding

It’s important to look up the safety standards of your country when it comes to bedding and we always advocate when the baby is in the cot, to have as minimal items in there as possible when the baby is sleeping. That doesn’t mean you can’t layer it up with some blankets as props to get that magazine style look though!

4. Introduce Colour

Scandinavian or minimalistic rooms can also contain pops of colour on their neutral base. Monochrome rooms for example are a classic Scandi style with the aim to keep it a modern, sleek and effortless look. The great thing about this style of baby room is that if you tire of a certain colour you can easily change the look completely as the base of your nursery room is a neutral palette!

5. Choose warm, quality blankets and swaddles

Investing in some beautiful blankets aren’t just good for your style but they are also good for the bank, as they last much longer than the cheap ones you may get elsewhere. The quality and warmth is also a lot better and safer for your babies sensitive skin. And there’s nothing better than a snuggled up baby!

6. Keep focused on de-cluttering

It’s easy for the mounds to pile up in a baby room so make sure you have adequate storage to hide things away. We love the storage range from Ikea, but also storage baskets and change tables with lots of inbuilt storage.

7. Finish the look with nature

Adding plants works perfectly with the minimalist baby room and is also good for your baby’s breathing. Plants are non-toxic styling accessories to help provide a safe environment for your new baby. Some of our favourite plants to style a baby nursery include a Sword Fern, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Areca Palm, Zanzibar Gem, Snake Plant, any type of Cactus and a fiddle leaf fig. Just make sure you keep them out of bub’s reach!

We hope you are able to use some of these styling tips to help plan out your baby room. Remember you are going to spend a lot of time in here, so it will be worth it. You will be admiring your work for years to come, especially during those 2am feeds! If you’re after more inspiration, we have also put together a guide on nursery ideas for a boys baby room, girls baby room and a vintage/ boho/ retro nursery room – yes you read that right!

Photo credits used are directly taken from the brands and their Instagram accounts. Feature image is from the amazing Incy Interiors team.


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