To have a big family or small?

Photo: People Magazine
Photo: People Magazine

Big families have made a comeback in the celeb world. We’ve lost count of how many Brad & Angie have now, and it feels like Kourtney Kardashian has been pregnant for a decade?

But what about you and me?

I’m struggling to think of one person I know, under the age of 40, with more than two children. Gone are the 70s where it was common to have four or more kids with a great deal of first time mums in their early twenties.

Like most things, there are pro’s and con’s on either side of the fence, and it seems to come down to more than finances, it’s a personal choice. A bigger family is rewarding for some, while others prefer to keep it small.

But the question is, is less best?

– Less children means it can be easier to juggle your career and your family life
– You can have more one-on-one time with your partner.
– You can give more of your undivided attention to one or two kids.

But what if it’s a case of the-more-the-merrier for you?

– Your children will have a large support group
– Sometimes more siblings means they all entertain each other & they don’t need you to create fun for them.
– Siblings in large families learn sharing & co-operation as vital skills in belonging to a big family.

Mum of 3 Becky Dickinson says, “In reality, three children means the fridge door is always open, the laundry basket is always full and you never get enough sleep. But there is also laughter (and screaming), fun, noise and life in abundance.”

Check out these celebrity families who found the perfect number for them. Let us know what your perfect number is in the comments!

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