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17 August, 2021

The Dummies Taking Instagram By Storm

If you are pregnant or the mum of a newborn, it's safe to say you’ve been scrolling Instagram and stumbled upon BIBS dummies. Why? Well, firstly because they are EVERYWHERE and secondly it’s because they are the most aesthetically pleasing, photogenic, ‘Insta-worthy’ baby dummy on the planet. Read on to discover why you need to put BIBS on the top of your ‘essentials list’!

As a new parent, there are a plethora of products available to you and the never-ending list can be daunting. If you are like me and you’re a little more discerning in terms of baby style and believe the old saying ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice, you need to invest in BIBS. Even though BIBS dummies have been all over the ‘gram in Australia for a while, they used to be a little tricky to hunt down, especially if you want every single colour available like me!

Well, hunt no more - we have good news. BIBS is now available online at One Fine Baby! We now also have a huge collection of BIBS dummies (swaddles, teethers, and more) and you can shop bundles exclusively at One Fine Baby. We’re so excited to welcome BIBS online, now we can stop just crushing on them online and actually have them in our hot little hands.

Even better - you can also now find BIBS dummies at Priceline, online and in store nationwide

Believe the social hype, mamas. We’ve rounded up 5 reasons why you need BIBS!

1. Danish Design

You only need a baby and a Pinterest account to understand that Scandinavian Design is the real MVP when it comes to nurseries and kids’ rooms. Why? Because the design is always so very chic, minimalistic and stylish. BIBS are no different - they are the OG of dummy style, designed and made in Denmark/EU with more than 40 years of craftsmanship under their belt. Who doesn’t love an iconic heritage brand with a super sophisticated aesthetic?

2. Tonal Styling:

BIBS have launched a colour palette that Pantone could only dream up! The tonal trend doesn’t stop with clothing alone, if there’s one thing we can learn from all the most stylish mummy influencers, is that it’s the finishing touches that make for the perfect ‘Insta shot’. Let’s face it, a beautiful, muted baby outfit is going to clash pretty badly with a garish, cheap dummy. BIBS have the right colour to compliment every baby outfit; from blush to sage to woodchuck, there’s always a hue to match your mood!

3. Styling your BIBS dummies:

According to Instagram (and us, of course) BIBS dummies are a certified baby style statement. However, BIBS don’t just make dummies - they also have a range of teethers and swaddles, all equally Insta-worthy! Their beautiful muslin swaddles are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and they are available in so many delightful colours. Pair back with your BIBS dummy for the ultimate newborn style. Create an exact matchy-matchy look or simply complement with tonal hues.

4. Quality is everything

Since BIBS are the OG in stylish dummies, they know a thing or two about creating high quality products. There is a high level of quality control in regards to their products as the safety of children is paramount. BIBS have taken a considered approach to their packaging ensuring it’s both super cute and also easily identifiable as BIBS, and always includes Australian mandatory safety information such as a batch number. As a general rule, BIBS recommends you replace your dummy every 4-6 weeks.

Thanks to their amazing quality, BIBS are also very easy to care for - simply pop them in a clean bowl, pour them with boiling water, and let them soak for approximately 5 mins. Tip the water out and let them dry on a clean towel, and they’re ready for use!

5. It’s all in the details…

BIBS have carefully considered each and every detail when creating their collection of premium products. From the Insta-worthy packaging to the refined colour palettes, BIBS will have your baby looking oh-so-cute! We are obsessing over their new Night Glow Dummies - these are an absolute gamechanger! They are still designed with the ultimate style in mind, they have used the same iconic BIBS shape and colour, only they have a glow in the dark handle to help avoid those dreaded night time wake ups.

Where can I buy BIBS?

Need to get your hands on some BIBS for your bub? Or maybe you are looking for a quality and stylish gift for a new mama. BIBS dummies are available at a huge network of quality independent retailers and at Priceline stores nationwide - and you can shop bundles exclusively at One Fine Baby!

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