6 April, 2020

The best baby room ideas + tips on styling your nursery

By One Fine Baby team

baby room ideas nursery ideas

Do you need help finding baby room ideas? We get it – it’s a bit overwhelming but styling your nursery is the fun bit so get excited! Creating your baby room is one of the most enjoyable tasks along your pregnancy journey. It’s worthwhile too because you are going to spend a lot of time in here, so creating a space that you love to be in is also important – and something you can be proud of!

We have pulled together some great themes to help you plan out the baby room like our Boys baby room ideas, Girls baby room ideas, Scandinavian / Minimalism Nursery Style, Vintage / Retro / Bohemian Edit and more.

We also have some advice if you are buying your cot for the first time and you can see that article here.


Key pieces are what defines the style of the room, and also play a crucial part in that all-important budget! We’ve pulled together a few baby room edits we think can help you to plan out for a boys baby room, girls baby room, vintage + Scandi inspired, and the ultimate baby cot buying guide. We also have a guest edit by Edwina Bartholomew on her favourite items she bought as a new mum.

Our favourite nursery ideas + themes

Building a budget for a baby is an eye opening experience! It’s important to do your research and choose the items you are willing to spend on and those that you may have to secretly purchase from 😉

Our top tips for planning your baby room

Choosing a colour palette is one of the best ways to start figuring out your baby’s nursery, however going with soft, pastel or warm colours is always a good idea. Having cream or white walls as a base helps being these other colours in nicely. Strong, harsh colours are unlikely to comfort your baby and at the end of the day, isn’t sleep the number one goal?

2. Create a space to feed

There is a lot of time spent comforting in your baby room so if you have a comfy feeding chair or rocker than you and the baby can relax on, well that is really helpful. Think the 7pm bedtime, then the 10pm feed, then the 2am and who knows when else? Making sure the fabric is easy to clean is important as well.

Whether you start with a bassinet and then transfer to the cot, either way there are health standards to abide to. All companies in Australia who sell these cots go through rigorous testing so you can be assured that what you buy is the right product for your baby room. Some of the best cots come with the option to convert to a toddler bed, which minimises waste and also increases the length of how long you are able to use it… with obvious $ savings too. Our tip would be to look for cots with conversion sets like the range from Incy Interiors.

When it comes to bedding there are so many safety standards that say less is more so we aim to keep it simple, however there’s still loads of time to use blankets and wraps when you’re out and about and for that sneaky Instagram photo.

You’ll be surprised how many bed sheets you will go through so an array of back up cot sheets is a must. We also used quote a few of the love to dream type suits so no matter what movements the baby did in the night, they were always warm with the right level of TOG.

Make sure you go for bedding that is 100% cotton, soft and easy to breathe.

5. Storage

When it comes to storage we definitely used our cupboard and the change table as our main areas of storage. It’s also helpful if you have an open change table because you can see how close you are to running out of things. We also love the storage dividers from IKEA that really help keep things together. We separate everything out into socks, bodysuits, pjamas etc and have an area for our creams, wipes and nappies!

6. Wall Art

Using decals on the wall was a really quick and simple way to add some character. We also loved using some inspirational quotes on the wall, because even if they couldn’t read, you can only hope osmosis plays a part along the way!

After having a couple of kids, we have realised how important it is to have a proper change table, with enough space and storage for everything from nappies, nappy bins ( yes the smell can be disgusting!), storage for creams and nappy bags, thermometers and sudocream! The important thing is having room to see that you have enough products left, use towels as a base for the actual change table and have it at a height that is really good for your back.

Be sure to have a distraction near by like an overhanging mobile or some quick books/ toys you can whip out to distract your baby from moving their hands anywhere they shouldn’t be!

8. Night lights and Dehumidifiers

Sleep sleep sleep. Before you had kids I can already tell you that you took it for granted. I sure did. Now after having 2 kids I sure know the value of anything I could get my hands on. Night lights are a great way to help soothe your babe at night and also provide some ambience and music or white noise.

9. Bookcase

It’s a great place to store all the beautiful books you get given as presents, but when the baby starts to love listening and reading to book, it will also be a great centrepiece of your room. Colour coding bookcases is also a top tip to keep the area looking neat and clean.

10. Consider plants

Green plants in the room helps to provide some non-toxic styling items and pops of colours. It’s said to be beneficial for the baby as well, improving the quality of air but we just think it’s nice to have as much nature near us as possible.

11. Baby Proof the Nursery

This can be an overlooked area when planning your nursery but it’s best you do it now than accidentally forgetting to. Cover electrical outlets and tuck away any unnecessary chords that may become a choking hazard.

Planning your nursery room is a rite of passage on the way to welcoming your new little baby to this world. Enjoy the process!

Photo credits used are directly taken from the brands featured and their Instagram accounts. Feature image is from the amazing Incy Interiors Team and the Petite Interior Co.


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