2 December, 2019

Behind The Brand: Incy Interiors’ Kristy Withers

by One Fine Baby Team

Kristy Withers, Incy Interiors

Incy Interiors’ founder and owner Kristy Withers has captured the hearts of parents and children globally with her modern luxe nursery and bedroom furniture designs. One Fine Baby speaks to Kristy about taking the leap from marketing to furniture design with two children in tow…

Kristy Withers' family

What was the 'light bulb moment’ for launching Incy Interiors?

Incy Interiors came about after the struggle I had finding my son Oscar’s first ‘big boy bed’. I searched high and low, locally and internationally for the perfect piece and when I was just about to throw in the towel, my husband quite unexpectantly suggested I try designing and manufacturing my own. After doing a bit of research and building up the courage to take a massive leap into an industry I knew virtually nothing about, I began to think we may actually be on to something. Maybe it was wishful thinking the risk would pay off but in this instance, I’ll call that the light bulb moment!

Can you tell us a bit about the Incy Interiors products?

The whole basis of Incy is to provide everyday Aussies with practical, affordable and of course, stylish furniture. As a mother myself, I have designed everything with the parent and subsequently, the purchaser in mind, which is why practicality and affordability are of such high importance. I think embracing these two elements in furniture, while keeping it extremely stylish, is what sets us apart and makes us appealing to mums. We also make beds for adults too!

Kristy Wither's son
Kristy Wither's daughter and son
Kristy Wither's daughter and son

How would you describe the Incy Interiors style?

I feel like I have integrated my own personal style into each Incy piece – classic with a little twist of modern luxe. I think being a mother myself, and the whole idea of Incy even coming into existence because of my struggle finding my son’s first big boy bed, is something that really shines through in the practicality and functionality of the furniture we create. We work extremely hard on creating beautiful furniture for the every day mum and I really do feel like mums appreciate the practicality of each piece and its ability to still be stylish without ever compromising on safety.

Incy Interiors also has incredible heirloom appeal...

Yes, we aren’t a company based around fast fashion and seasonal trends. We make furniture that is beautiful all year around, won’t date and most importantly, is built to last. Now that we have been around for a while, we are starting to see our pieces utilised for more than one sibling in the family, handed down to relatives or passed on to friends to use for their new arrivals. This is something that we didn’t anticipate when we first launched, but the heirloom concept is one we are absolutely thrilled to have attached to our brand.

Incy Interiors
Incy Interiors
Incy Interiors

What was it like having a baby and launching your business?

I was lucky that I had done a lot of the prework on the business before I found out that I was pregnant. After suffering a couple of miscarriages we were over the moon about adding to our family but I had serious anxiety about how I would handle everything. But I launched the business a month after finding out I was pregnant so I knew I had eight months to get things happening before Polly arrived. This was a great motivator and we were lucky that we experienced incredible growth, so Incy was a team of four by the time Polly was born. Whilst I kept working (I was paying bills in the car on the way to the hospital) it did mean that I had the support I needed.

Before the birth of Incy what was your background?

My background could not be further from furniture and the design world! I studied marketing and finance at uni and while both have come in handy business wise, I knew absolutely nothing about designing furniture, let alone recruiting the right people to make my designs come to life.

After uni I worked in corporate marketing for 10 years at St.George Bank and eBay Australia. I absolutely loved my time at both companies and whilst I learnt so much, having my own company and designing products from scratch was definitely an initiation by fire! 

Here are just a few of our favourite Incy Interior products

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